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Biohex Games


Biohex Games



A novel approach to real-time strategy

The planet Arkadia, a wild paradise, is home to the Modu. For millennia, they peacefully coexisted on Arkadia, modifying their bodies to suit their requirements of the planet. But something disturbed their lives - two rival races took their conflict to Arkadia, ending their peaceful life, the invaders forced the Modu into servitude and used them in biological warfare.

Upgrade yourself

You will play as Modu working for the Earth Repatriation Expedition - will you battle against the ERE, or will you throw off the chains and free yourself? Use their capacity to grow several organs and, depending on your preferred playing style, split and merge them. Start by expanding your Modu's heart, which is its most important organ, and then you can enlarge it by growing tiles with other organs on them. To gain a tactical advantage, split tiles and scout your adversaries. If you want to maintain your ground, combine your tiles instead of splitting them into many pieces to form an armada.

The future of the Moduwar and all life in the galaxy will depend on your decisions!

  • Take charge of a Modu, an alien species.
  • Explore the majestic and enigmatic extraterrestrial planet of Arkadia.
  • Enjoy more game styles, such as skirmish and the monster arena.
  • Play matches with 2-4 players versus your friends in multiplayer mode.

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