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Lords of the Fallen

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Why you should buy Lords of the Fallen?

  • You love games set in a fantasy world.
  • You’d like to save mankind from a sinister god and his army. 
  • You can’t wait to fight in epic battles with the powerful Lords of the Fallen.

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Lords of the Fallen

The human world is threatened once again by the evil in Lords of the Fallen, a fantasy action RPG. Set humankind free from the forces of Adyr, a sinister god who wants to enslave people once again. Take on the role of Harkyn, a sinner rejected by society, who is mankind’s last hope. Face evil and powerful Lords of the Fallen bosses and restore peace in the world. 

The Great Rising

A millennia ago, the world was trembling under the rule of the evil god Adyr, who enslaved people. Humankind fought for their freedom during the Great Rising and came out victorious, dictating a new order in the realm. No sin can be forgiven and no redemption is possible. However, Adyr’s army, the Rhogar legions, threaten the return of their leader once again and attack mankind. Desperate for help, humans find hope in an unexpected hero a sinner and outcast, Harkyn. Now, he has to set to the source of Darkness, face the Lords of the Fallen, and save the world…

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A dark fantasy world

Explore the crumbling Lords of the Fallen world and its various locations, from tower tops to ancient burial grounds. Uncover hidden paths, passages, and treasures. However, keep your eyes open for dangers hidden in this destroyed land. Use powerful magic and a plethora of weapons and armor to kill your enemy, like hammers, axes, swords, and more! Choose from three forms of armor: light, medium, and heavy, and customize your combat style to your experience and abilities. 

Confront the Lords

Face Adyr’s army and fight in challenging boss battles with powerful Lords of the Fallen. Test your skills and magic attacks. Earn XP to upgrade your spells and skills of choice. Select from nine character classes and use experience points to customize it. Make decisions that will change your fate and affect your gameplay. Master the complex combat system, seek redemption, and save mankind from Adyr’s evil. 

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Lords of the Fallen features:

  • Exploring a vast fantasy world,
  • Hidden paths and treasures, 
  • Earning XP and upgrading skills and attacks, 
  • Nine character classes to choose from, 
  • Customization options, 
  • Complex combat and challenging boss battles.

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MATUREContent is generally suitable for persons ages 17 and up. May contain intense violence, blood and gore, sexual content and/or strong language.


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