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Adam Smithson makes an effort to continue existing in his small, lonely apartment located above Century City. The time appears to be without a beginning or end. He takes care of a bonsai tree, his only companion. These plants, however, need blood to survive... just like everything else in the city. Adam is so compelled to locate a consistent supply on the pitch-black streets below. He gets down into the city's ominous nightmare - that's where the hunt begins... Adam must try his best to survive in a realm where blood is money, he must also face off against those who share his objectives.

Hell is Others is a distinctive online multiplayer extraction game that lets you advance your character by acquiring customizable items. Even the bloodthirsty plants can be used to grow your own ammunition, you can also explore the noir urban scene to find unique stuff. Face The Others and try to survive to the next day - a day that never appears to arrive.

  • PVP - make sure you're using all of Adams's senses to stay at the top of the food chain - predators may become prey very quickly. The Others want your blood, but they also want to take all the priceless goods you've gathered and use them for their own gain.
  • PVE - evil is lurking everywhere in this metropolis. The Things waited for the ideal moment to strike, and take your blood.
  • GROW YOUR AMMO - your plants need a steady flow of blood to grow big and healthy. But what if improving your crops led to greater, more impressive results? You can grow a variety of plants that make bullets by applying fertilizers.
  • BUILD YOUR SAFE PLACE - Adam's little apartment can be upgraded by adding new furnishings and equipment. Every object has further uses or advantages for Adam beyond basic decorating.
  • TICK TOCK - once you're in the city, you only have a short period of time to take care of business. Before it's too late, find an elevator and return home, otherwise you might simply end up losing what's in your pockets.

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