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In a survival horror Dying Light, we followed zombie crises in the city of Harran. Now it's time for the next chapter in this story because Herran was just the beginning. Unfortunately, the virus spread across the globe, changing most people into dreadful monsters. Our civilization crumbled, and survivors gathered in only a few large settlements, including The City.

The new hero

Become Aiden Caldwell, the last hope for this corrupted metropolis and maybe even humankind. Thanks to your unique gift and set o particular skills, you're capable of things not achievable for others. Use your combat abilities and parkour techniques to defeat your enemies and survive in the post-apocalyptic world of Dying Light 2: Stay Human.

The City

Discover the open world of The City and participate in its life. Choose your side in a conflict tearing the city apart. Watch how your every choice and action affects the balance of power.

Fight for your life

Aiden Caldwell must use all his skills to survive in a hazardous environment. Use unique abilities and parkour skills, prepare creative weapons and traps to defeat anyone who crosses your way. Moreover, you don't have to fight alone. Dying Light 2 Stay Human features a co-op for up to 4 players.

They come out at night

Just like the first Dying Light, its sequel presents a day/night cycle. It safe when the suns shine bright, but once the last rays of light disappear, monsters start to hunt.

  • Creative combat system
  • An open-world full of secrets
  • A compelling story where your choices matter
  • Co-op for up to 4 players

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