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Become a cyber samurai

In the weapon-focused 1v1 combat game Die by the Blade, a single blade blow might be the difference between life and death. In the narrative-driven single-player campaign, carve your path through this samurai-punk universe with nothing but your trusted sword by your side, or destroy your pals in local or online multiplayer. In search of a greater challenge test your skills in online ranked battles with unknown warriors and claim your dominance.

Are you qualified to become a master samurai? Or are you going to fail like so many others before you?

You must become skilled in parry attack, know the combos for your weapon of choice, and develop quick reflexes if you wish to survive. Be ready for multiple brief encounters with your opponents because the outcome of every combat could be determined in a matter of seconds.

Your weapon choice rather than the character you choose will determine your moveset. Will you give up your speed for the powerful two-handed nodachi? Or are you going to use the nimble katana to overwhelm your opponent with strikes?

Customize your warrior

You are able to select any character that suits you without your playstyle being affected thanks to our moveset system that is focused on weapons. Choose a character whose past best resonates with you and use our character customization tools to transform them into the warrior of your dreams!

Die by the Blade's setting, also described as "samurai-punk," is a combination of classic samurai culture and cyberpunk elements.

Fight on the neon-lit streets of the inner city or in the meadows covered in cherry blossoms in the countryside of Japan. Dress your character in historically accurate armor or a cybernetic mask. Even your preferred weapon can be altered to match your unique preferences!


  • Learn the one-hit-kill, parrying, and dodging techniques to withstand a barrage of punches and quickly defeat your adversaries.
  • Make a wise choice while picking your weapon, since it will affect your playstyle and move set.
  • With our local and online 1v1 multiplayer, take on your friends or test your strength against gamers from all over the world.
  • Hone your skills in the Practice Mode, compete in the Tournament Mode, or find out how you stack up in our online Ranked battles.
  • In our single-player campaign, learn the story of Die by the Blade.
  • With our personalization tools, you may customize your warrior and weapon.
  • With more than 15 different arenas to choose from, you can either fight in the zen-like quiet of a traditional Japanese temple or on the city's graffiti-covered streets.

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