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You wanted it, now you've got it – the award-winning cult sensation Deadly Premonition is arriving on PC in an enhanced Director’s Cut package!

Playing as special agent Francis York Morgan (call him York – everyone else does), it’s your job to investigate the brutal murder of a young local beauty in the town of Greenvale. Amidst the backdrop of soaring mountains and a small American suburb, York must solve the mystery of the Red Seed Murders and stay alive in a place where supernatural creatures and a mysterious raincoat-clad, axe-wielding killer seek to end his investigation for good.

Part suspense-filled horror, part action-adventure game, Deadly Premonition offers an open-world experience packed with locals to meet and places to discover, as well as numerous side quests and mini-games that will help you solve the murders and uncover Greenvale’s deepest, darkest secrets.

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Twin Peaks: The Game

The game doesn't stand out for the gameplay but the plot is so good that you just forgot about all the problems in the game
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Holly Keys
Holly Keys

One of the best stories ever to grace a video game

The game has a few technical issues, and the graphics leave alot to be desired but if you manage to get past these issues you'll find a tremendous story, in my opinion one of the best stories to ever grace a video game.

I'll be honest and say the controls are bad, the graphics aren't really up to par with modern games and you'll more than likely encounter a few technical issues getting the game to run.

Ignore those issues (except not getting it to run, try to find the fix for that) and you'll fall in love with the story. Just keep in mind the game starts off slow, and you'll very likely want to quit if you get caught up in doing side quest in chapter 2. Just push forward, trust me, it's worth it.
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