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MGG Studio
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Team Miaozi


Team Miaozi

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Cygnus Enterprises

The action-RPG game Cygnus Enterprises, which is set on the extraterrestrial frontier world of Mytilus, blends sandbox, action, and base management components.

The aim of humanity was to colonize adjacent systems. These projects, nevertheless, turned out to be expensive and demanding. Despite the best efforts of humanity, only a few systems were established. Each system's offspring went inward, isolating themselves, unable to continue intimate communication and commerce. New world colonization became even more impossible, and humanity suffered. Then, one day, a Cygnus Enterprises discovery altered everything.

A new era was ushered forth by Cygnus Enterprises, a well-known Cenatauran megacorporation, with the development of its Mover spacecraft. With their ability to travel at speeds faster than light, they would transport smaller ships to new systems around the galaxy, reuniting the numerous worlds of mankind and ushering in a new era of space exploration. New Earth-like plants were located and terraformed, and many outposts were established by humans on previously remote worlds.

New technology, new possibilites

Disruptive, cutting-edge technology have multiplied in recent years. Although it began with Movers, the technology that has allowed Cygnus Enterprise to completely surpass its competitors is mind-uploading combined with cloning. Employees of Cygnus Enterprises can now switch bodies at any moment and are practically immortal, while a cloned "disposable" work force ensures the success and profitability of all Cygnus Enterprise sites.

New contractors are required once more for expediions to far-off worlds. Are you prepared to set out on a brand-new adventure? Access to Cyngus Enterprises' proprietary cloning technology is one of the company's perks, as is receiving a customized Personal Electronic Assistant robot to help you with your tasks.


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