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Chop Goblins

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David Szymanski


David Szymanski

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Microshooter Chop Goblins

Chop Goblins is a "microshooter": an FPS created to be finished in a single sitting without compromising gameplay complexity, variety, or originality. You can play this game for a short while or keep playing it over and over again. Do you require a diversion from your job, boredom, or grinding in other games? Take a break with the enjoyable and gratifying FPS campaign Chop Goblins, which can be completed in a single shot. And it only takes approximately 30 minutes to complete!

You had the bright idea that it would be entertaining to break into a neighboring museum and rummage through the treasures kept there. You had no idea that the wicked CHOP GOBLINS was hidden away in a dusty trunk in the basement.

They are currently free and wreaking bladed havoc on the planet once more. You must pursue them across the city and through time and space in a custom first-person shooter adventure that spans the present day, 1800s Transylvania, ancient Greece, and the not too distant future.

Chop Goblins - key features:

  • A brief but jam-packed advertisement that aims to be all killer and no filler.
  • 5 levels were set over various eras.
  • From a vintage flintlock to the Mk. II Impaler "Vlad" automatic stake gun, these are 5 satisfying and distinctive weapons.
  • Numerous diverse adversaries and minibosses.
  • Secrets, leaderboards, and achievements for those who want replayability.

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