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Call of Duty: Black Ops III deploys its players into a future where bio-technology has enabled a new breed of Black Ops soldier. Players are now always on and always connected to the intelligence grid and their fellow operatives during battle. In a world more divided than ever, this elite squad consists of men and women who have enhanced their combat capabilities to fight faster, stronger, and smarter. Every soldier has to make difficult decisions and visit dark places in this engaging, gritty narrative.

  • Co-Op Campaign: Treyarch elevates the Call of Duty social gaming experience by delivering a campaign with the ability to play cooperatively with up to four players online, using the same battle-tested network infrastructure and social systems that support its world-class Multiplayer and Zombies game modes.
  • Cinematic Arena-Style Play: Designed for co-op and re-playability, players encounter all the epic cinematic gameplay moments Call of Duty is known for delivering as well as new open-area arena-style gameplay elements designed to allow players to approach the game with a different strategy each time they play.
  • Character Progression: And now, every player is completely customizable: from weapons and loadouts, to abilities and outfits, all with full progression systems and a personalized armory to show off accomplishments, providing a constantly-evolving campaign experience.
  • New Movement System: With Black Ops III, Treyarch premieres a new momentum-based chained-movement system, allowing players to fluidly move through the environment with finesse, using controlled thrust jumps, slides, and mantling abilities in a multitude of combinations, all while maintaining complete control over your weapon at all times.
  • Tailored Map Design: Maps are designed from the ground-up for the new movement system, allowing players to be successful with traditional movement, as well as advanced tactics and maneuvers.
  • Specialist Characters: Black Ops III multiplayer also introduces the new Specialist character system, which allows players to rank up and master each specific character’s battle-hardened capabilities and weapons. With this addition to Traditional and Weapons XP progressions systems, Black Ops III multiplayer gives players three different ways to rank up.
  • All-New Narrative: No Treyarch title would be complete without its signature Zombies offering – a full-game experience with its own distinct storyline right out of the box.
  • XP Progression System: Black Ops III Zombies is the most immersive and ambitious Call of Duty Zombies to date, with a full XP-based progression system for players that adds depth and re-playability to the engaging gameplay Zombies fans have come to expect.

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Not worth it

Fun game, too bad it's an abominable, unplayable stutter fest. No matter what combination of settings I try the game is literally unplayable, hitching and coughing like a sperglord with tourettes.

It doesn't matter whether I have 60fps or 144fps. The game constantly micro-stutters to the point where it's possible for me to lose connection to the game.
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great game

love the game it is definitely worth it I really recommend it to any players interested in the zombies franchise alongside with all of the custom maps.
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Call of duty Bo3

Just for zombie mode I'm already loving it, every map they made with easter eggs and everything, I'm not much fan of multiplayer but it's super reasonable, I recommend the investment
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zombies fun

the only reason to get this game is really only for zombies
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Black Ops 3

Game actually stands its time and even after 5 years it is still awesome to play. Truly enjoying this joint. Only thing is that there is just less and less players and queues are kinda slower but you can still find games and have a great time. Nicely optimized and there are almost no lags.

Great game and would still recommend it!
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Black Ops 3

The zombies mode is brilliant. The remastering of all the best classic maps was a smart move on Treyarch';s part, it truly is well worth every penny spent on it !
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