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COD: Black Ops II on PC is the follow-up to the hugely successful and award-winning Call of Duty: Black Ops. With a focus on stealth and covert missions, Black Ops II promises more of the same, suitably upping the ante for an improved Call of Duty experience.

COD: Black Ops II will boast improved graphics, making it the most visually stunning game in the entire Call of Duty series. The setting is no longer the Cold War, but the near future, a 21st Century where technology and weapons have merged and a new generation of warfare has been born.

Single-player mode will now include a branching campaign that will be based on the choices you make, giving you more opportunity to re-visit your missions, making different choices for different outcomes each time. The multiplayer mode promises one thing - the same, but better!

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very nice Game

Black Ops 2 is a very nice multiplayer game with a huge variety of weaponjs and fun gameplay i can recommend it.
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you already know what it is

Black ops 2 great game but, multiplayer at the time that this was posted doesn't work anymore. Although this doesn't work this is still a great game that the zombie's experience is truly where it is at.
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always respect for COD Black Ops Saga

i will never be tired about this game. I remember when i played this like 3/4 hours per day secretely from my mom because i had 13/14 years and for her ''i was too young for those war games xddd''. This game is the best :)))
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Jesus G Manzo Nunez

Cheap and worth every penny.

Haven't played this game in forever. would highly recommend you buy as this price is very competitive against steams price of full retail 60 dollars when the game isn't even new! fast and easy delivery!
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awesome game

awesome game with good graphics and no need for a fast pc to run it on 60fps and even more, no bugs found yet and huge amount of weapons.
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Great game, I find the campain not really good but all the interest is in the multiplayer.
Classical fps, It is not so different from black ops 1
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