Bloody Raid

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Bloody Raid is a tactical team-based PvPvE action shooter where the Hunters fight the Infected in mysterious Zones. Several competing teams enter a Zone with a goal to be the first to find and collect valuable biosamples and evacuate with the loot as fast as possible. Fallen players can rise again in the Zones, though not quite the same as before.

  • Ad Hoc Recruitment
    Any fallen human enemy could be saved from death and recruited to your own team. The player raised this way becomes the ally of the former enemy and gives him half of his raid revenue, but can continue the fight. The savior gets more money and more firepower to survive the evacuation from the Zone.
  • Three Zone classes
    A lot of Zones exist and they fall into one of the three major categories. There are places with lots of weapons where you can fight your way through the Infected, guns blazing. And there are more harsh environments, with limited resources and character permadeath. The Infected abilities and stats are also different, so each Zone requires a new battle plan.
  • Turning into a monster
    A player killed by the Infected turns into a powerful and deadly monster for the duration of this raid. This role allows you to stop your competitors from looting the Zone successfully as well as get some experience for future battles.
  • Weapon collecting
    Players get unique guns for fulfilling contracts or by looting the bodies of other people that brought their valuable possessions into the Zone and got killed. There is always a risk of losing this kind of gun yourself if you bring it to the Zone and fail to evacuate with it.
  • Character stories
    Each Hunter is a unique character with a backstory and specific set of skills and personal quests (in development). Players will complete those quests to discover more about the origin of the Zones and the Infected.
  • The Infected evolving
    Those monsters see the Hunters from afar, jump high, level up with each killed human and could turn into a Berserker to get even more powerful. New types of Infected with cool abilities, like the Kamikaze, are added to the game regularly.
  • Teamwork spirit
    In order to survive, players have to use gadgets wisely and coordinate their actions with teammates. It’s especially important during the evacuation when all of the Infected from the map attack Hunters at once. Solo play is possible, but it’s the choice for the most experienced fighters that seek real challenge.

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