Batman: Arkham Origins - Season Pass

Requires Batman Arkham Origins on Steam in order to use.

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Enhance your ARKHAM ORIGINS experience by purchasing a season pass today! Gain access to new challenge maps, two Skin packs, and an epic new story campaign adventure. In addition to hours of new content, you'll also unlock two exclusive Batman™ Skins: Gotham by Gaslight Batman™ and Brightest Day Batman™.

All Skins can be used in the story campaign upon completion of the main story, in the challenge maps, and online. All other Season Pass content is for use exclusively in the story campaign mode. All content included in the Season Pass can also be purchased individually.

  • Gotham by Gaslight Batman™: Bring a little bit of 1889 into your gameplay. Wear the suit inspired by Brian Augustyn and Mike Mignola's hit graphic Novel GOTHaAM BY GASLIGHT.
  • Gotham by Gaslight Batman™: From the natural fiber trousers to the leather utility belt loaded with throwing knives, every detail is painstakingly modeled after that of the comic.
  • Brightest Day Batman™: Play as Brightest Day Batman™, the Batman™ resurrected from the dead by the White Light in Geoff Johns and Peter Tomassi's BRIGHTEST DAY series.
  • Brightest Day Batman™: Brightest Day Batman™'s suit is white, unlike any others in the game.
  • New Millennium Skins Pack:
    • Dress to impress: Get the latest gear without paying full price. Save big on the New Millennium Skins Pack with this Season Pass!
    • The coolest Skins: The New Millennium Skin Pack includes 5 of the most sought-after Skins: (1) Red Son Batman™, (2) Blackest Night Batman™, (3) New 52 Batman™, (4) Batman™: Noel, (5) 1st Appearance Batman™, and (6) One Year Later Robin
  • Infinite Earth Skins Pack:
    • Dress to impress: Get the latest gear without paying full price. Save big on the Infinite Earth Skins Pack with this Season Pass!
    • The Skins you've been wanting: The New Millennium Skin Pack includes 5 of the best Skins: (1) Earth 2 Dark Knight, (2) Long Halloween Batman™, (3) Batman™: Dark Knight of the Round Table, (4) Thrillkiller Batman™, (5) Earth 2 Batman™, (6) Classic Tim Drake Robin
  • Initiation DLC:
    • Travel back in time: Journey to the days before Batman™ even existed and take control of a young Bruce Wayne in the final stages of his martial arts training. Experience exotic locales including a bamboo forest and mountain-top monastery.
    • Where Batman really began: Witness the birth of the world's most powerful crime fighter with this DLC containing 2 Skins ( Bruce Wayne and Vigilante Bruce Wayne), four challenge maps, and a challenge campaign.
  • Narrative DLC:
    • Get more story for your money: Save big on Narrative DLC by purchasing this Season Pass
    • Explore more of the Arkhamverse: This Narrative DLC picks up where ARKHAM ORIGINS' Story leves off, providing more insight into Batman's early years.

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Tried the last ones

It took me a long time to get around to playing this game, as the gaming media at the time painted it as a poor sequel - and the community assumed that if it wasn't developed by Rocksteady it wouldn't be up to scratch.

Criminally undderated imo, and if not the best, it's certainly up there with the best Batman games.

I'll assume most have played at least one batman game, but if not - This is a great place to start, as its story is the very begininng of the series - these games are a mix between puzzler, open world and beatem up. It's fighting mechanics are a work of art !

This game is an extension of Arkham City, very little is changed between this and the original, other than better boss fights and arguably a better story.
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