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Amber Isle is a shop management/social sim set in a quaint, friendly world of prehistoric animal villagers called Paleofolk! Tasked with opening the only shop in a small, sleepy village, you find yourself crafting and selling items to solve unique problems of the unusual clientele. A table big enough for a brontosaurus, a water-proof picnic set for a plesiosaur, or a special toothbrush for a sabre-toothed cat!

By exploring and upgrading the isle, discovering new recipes and befriending customers, eventually some Paleofolk will want to move in and become neighbours. Make the shop of your dreams, befriend a cast of dinosaur characters and bring the village back to life!

Restore an old cottage into your very own shop! Customise the layout, decor and stalls to your choosing and get ready to welcome customers! The more welcoming your shop is, the more visitors you’ll see!

Explore the village to collect resources like stone and wood (or even trade and buy them from the Paleofolk villagers!). When you return home, you can choose a recipe to craft from your ‘Recipe List’. You can unlock new recipes by completing quests, increasing your friendliness with the Paleofolk in your village or mastering old recipes. Then set the items out for sale in your shop!

After mastering basic crafting, you will unlock the ability to create custom in-game designs for your items! You can create your own series of paintings, book covers, shirt designs and more! These can be sold in your shop and traded with friends- allowing you to create the shop of your dreams (or memes….)!

By running a successful shop, you can even donate to the village’s expansion and improvement. Create features that meet the needs of different Paleofolk, such as paths, recreational areas and water features. The more accessible the village is, the more Paleofolk will want to move in!

There’s a diverse cast of prehistoric characters to meet and befriend during your time in Amber Isle. Paleofolk have unique personalities, preferences and habits and come in all shapes, sizes and species! From the bulky brachiosaurus to the mini microraptor, all Paleofolk live happily side by side. And it’s not just dinosaurs- there are ice age mammals, Permian amphibians, marine life, even some invertebrates and more! All with their own shopping needs and special requests...

By chatting to Paleofolk and completing custom orders, you can befriend them and even hang out at their houses! Each Paleofolk character is unique, with their own dialogue, hobbies and personal goals/aspirations. The village will change and unlock new features depending on which Paleofolk characters you befriend or invite to live there!

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