GOG games

What is GOG?

GOG.com previously known as Good Old Games is a digital distribution platform created by Polish studio CD Projekt. Unlike most other digital distribution systems, games offered by GOG.com do not include DRM protection. Each of the purchased games can be downloaded an unlimited number of times. GOG is offering old games that have been patched to work on modern operating systems.

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How to activate GOG key?

Login to your account.

Picture showing where to enter key on GOG

  1. Login to your GOG.COM account or create a new one.
  2. Enter this link: gog.com/redeem
  3. Enter the code you have received from your order and click 'Continue'

Enter your key.

Picture showing contents of the key on GOG

  1. Check content of your key and click 'Continue'

Confirm your redemption.

Picture showing how to redeem key and its content on GOG

  1. Confirm your redemption by clicking 'Pay For Your Order Now'. Please note that the price will be shown as 'Free'