Raid Shadow Legends - Level 40 in 35 days challenge




§ 1

  1. The Organizer of the Competition is GAMIVO.COM Limited, 99 Dingli Street, SLM 1905 Sliema, Malta, Tax ID MT26082720, hereinafter referred to as the "Organizer".
  2. The promotional competition, hereinafter referred to as the "Competition", will be carried out in the period from 20.09.2022 to 27.09.2022.
  3. The competition will be conducted in cooperation with Plarium Europe S.A.R.L. based in Luxemburg.
  4. The Organizer reserves the right to terminate the competition before the time marked as the end date in point 2.
  5. The competition is not a promotional lottery.


§ 2

  1. Any natural person of legal age may participate in the Competition.
  2. Employees of the Organizer and Plarium Europe S.A.R.L cannot participate in the Competition. and companies cooperating with the Organizer as part of this Competition.
  3. The Competition is also not open to members of the immediate families of the persons referred to above (i.e. their spouses, children, parents and siblings).
  4. One participant may use one account. Any multi account will be banned from taking part in this contest and the user is not entitled to receive the reward. 
  5. Only users located in the following regions are eligible to participate in the competition: the United States of America, the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Japan, and South Korea.

§ 3

  1. The condition for participation in the Competition is registration on the website: TBD
  2. The task of the participants is to reach level 40 in game “Raid Shadow Legends” within 35 days of registering the participant. The time frame starts when a person registers and is finished only when level 40 in game is reached. The level has to be reached within 35 days from the registrtation. 
  3. A prize in the form of a GAMIVO Gift Card worth 100 Euros will be awarded to each participant who reaches the 40th level in the game in a given term, in accordance with point 2.
  4. The discount code will be sent to the winners by e-mail, for PC users automatically after reaching the event. For mobile users after they reach the event and tie their email to plarium account. Plarium will provide rewards to mobile users in under 14 working days from reaching the event. Plarium is responsible for rewards delivery. 
  5. The discount code may be used on the winner's account on the platform within 30 days of receipt, after which the code will expire. After activation the balance is available to use for 60 days. 
  6. The discount code may be used exclusively on the winner’s account. The discount code may not be sold or transferred to a different account.
  7. The winners are not entitled to exchange their prizes for cash or any other type of prize.
  8. The winner may waive the prize, but will not be entitled to a cash equivalent or any other prize in return.
  9. Any tax obligations arising from winning a prize in the Competition shall be borne by the Winner.

§ 4

  1. Any doubts regarding the rules of the Competition, the provisions of its Regulations and the interpretation is decided by the Organizer.
  2. The organizer is entitled to change the provisions of these Regulations, if not this will worsen the conditions of participation in the Competition. This is especially true changes in the dates of individual competition activities and changes in the specification of the award.
  3. The amended Regulations are in force from the time they are published on the website.
  4. By taking part in the Competition, the Participant confirms that he agrees to the rules of the Competition contained in these Regulations.