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In this section you can at a discounted price get random games! If you don't really know what you should play then this is a perfect place for you. By getting random games you can guarantee yourself a great game.

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GAMIVO 75x Random Steam Games Global Steam
GAMIVO 5x Random Steam Games Global Steam
GAMIVO Random Steam Game Global Steam
GAMIVO 100x Random Steam Games Global Steam
GAMIVO Epic Random Game Global Steam
from  €1.20 €49.99
GAMIVO 20x Random Steam Games Global Steam
GAMIVO Hot Random Steam Game Global Steam
GAMIVO 10x Random Steam Games Global Steam
Osmos EN/DE/FR/IT/ES Global Steam
from  €0.63 €4.98
GAMIVO 50x Random Steam Games  Global Steam
GAMIVO 40x Random Steam Games Global Steam
GAMIVO 25x Random Steam Games Global Steam
GAMIVO Epic Mystery Games EN Global Steam
GAMIVO 15x Random Steam Games  Global Steam
GAMIVO Random Origin Game Global EA App
Mountain Crime: Requital EN Global Steam
Crunch Time! EN/ES Global Steam
from  €0.46 €3.62
Rhythm Destruction EN Global Steam
from  €0.57 €2.13
Splash Blast Panic EN Global Steam
from  €0.65 €1.00
Stick Spartans EN Global Steam
from  €1.12 €8.99
Sweet Candy Mahjong EN Global Steam
from  €0.47 €2.39
The Cat Games EN/ZH Global Steam
from  €0.55 €1.99
Indie Random Steam Game Global Steam
from  €0.69 €5.99
Puzzle Chronicles EN/DE/FR/IT/ES EU Steam

Looking for a new game to play but don’t have anything specific in mind? Why not buy a bundle of surprise random games at a discounted price? This way, you’ll spend way less than you would otherwise, and you’ll get a bunch of new, exciting games to play. Here at GAMIVO, we offer a wide variety of random game packages that you’ll be able to easily pick to suit your budget.


What are random games?

At their core, random games are collections of PC or console titles bundled together and sold at a highly discounted price, offering a lottery-style adventure for gamers. Buyers don’t know exactly what they’re purchasing - hence the “random” element - which gives the bundles a unique element of surprise and discovery.


This way, players can explore a wide array of game genres, styles, and themes that they might not consider otherwise. It can also be a great introduction for beginners, giving them a bunch of games to play right away without having to look for any specific title. For seasoned players, it can be an exciting change of pace or simply a cost-effective way to expand your game library. The unpredictability, coupled with the thrill of unboxing unknown titles, makes the purchase of random games a great choice.


What types of random games are available at GAMIVO?

If you’re looking for a new video game but don’t have any idea what to buy, here at GAMIVO we’ve prepared the perfect solution for you. Our GAMIVO Lucky Premium Game packages give you the choice of over 100 games, including AAA titles. There are no DLCs, free games, or demos - all purchases guarantee a high-quality game with a Metascore of at least 70 or at least 70% positive reviews on Steam.


Depending on your budget and the amount of games you want to play, you can choose a single Lucky Premium Game, or a package of 3, 5, or 10 games. You can also choose an Epic Random Game package, which only includes games with a Metascore of 80 or 80% positive reviews on Steam, or a regular Random Steam Game package (Metascore of 60 or 60% positive reviews on Steam).