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Looter video games will always have a hint of RNG to them. You can drop various weapons / equipment by defeating your opponents or completing various quests. EQ is usually color-coded from gray (common) to orange (legendary).

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Risk of Rain 2 Global Steam
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Monster Hunter: World Global Steam
from  €5.58 €59.99
Monster Hunter: World EU Steam
from  €5.57 €59.99
Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel EN Global Steam
Grim Dawn Global Steam
from  €6.10 €14.60
Enter the Gungeon Global Steam
from  €2.89 €14.99
Borderlands 3 Global Steam
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Borderlands 3 Ultimate Edition EU Steam
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Borderlands 3 EU Steam
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Dead Cells Global Steam
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Borderlands 3 EU Epic Games
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Risk of Rain 2 EU Steam
from  €4.87 €17.99
Risk of Rain 2 EN Global Steam
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Borderlands 2 VR EN Global Steam
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Diablo 2 EN EU Battle.net
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Dead Cells ROW Global Steam
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Borderlands 3 Global Epic Games
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Borderlands 3 - Season Pass DLC EN EU Steam
Diablo 2 EN Global Battle.net
from  €7.12 €8.99
Borderlands 3 Deluxe Edition EU Steam
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Grim Dawn EU Steam
from  €6.14 €15.45
Enter the Gungeon EU Steam
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Borderlands 3 Super Deluxe Edition EU Steam
Borderlands 3 EN Global Xbox One Xbox Series
Borderlands 2 EN Global Steam
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Monster Hunter: World Latin America Steam

Loot-based games, sometimes called “looters” or “looter shooters”, have become an industry staple over the last decades. With massively popular series like Diablo or Borderlands paving the way, there is now a wide variety of game genres that make use of the looting mechanic, each adding its own twist. At GAMIVO, you’ll find the greatest collection of looting games - happy browsing!


What are loot-based games?

Simply put, they are a genre of games where the core gameplay revolves around the acquisition of various types of 'loot'. This loot, ranging from simple weapons to rare and powerful artefacts, can be obtained through various methods - defeating enemies, exploring hidden areas, completing challenging tasks, defeating bosses, and more. Each piece of loot can significantly enhance a player's abilities, paving the way for a rewarding gameplay cycle of exploration, combat, and growth.


What makes looters so popular?

Loot-based games lure players in with the promise of unpredictability. You never know what will drop from the next enemy you slay, giving the game a lottery-like feeling. The thrill of uncovering a powerful new item, the anticipation of what lies within a hidden chest - these are the defining moments that keep players coming back for more. 


The unique and strategic aspect of managing your loot, as well as the gratification of seeing your character progress and grow more powerful, makes loot-based video games one of the most popular genres still, years after the first implementation of the looting mechanic.


7 loot-based games you need to play

  1. Diablo III - A legendary title from Blizzard Entertainment, Diablo III sets the standard for loot-based action RPGs. Venture into the dark and dangerous world of Sanctuary, battling the forces of evil and collecting an endless array of weapons, armour, and magical items along the way.


  1. Path of Exile - This free-to-play game by Grinding Gear Games is loved for its complex and expansive skill system, intricate plot, and the sheer volume and variety of its loot. In the gritty world of Wraeclast, every item can potentially alter your gameplay strategy.


  1. Borderlands 3 - If guns and humour are more your style, Gearbox Software's Borderlands 3 delivers in spades. In this game, loot comes in the form of a ridiculous array of firearms with varying effects, powers, and styles - over a billion, in fact!


  1. The Division 2 - A captivating mix of RPG elements with tactical shooter gameplay, this title from Ubisoft offers a detailed and immersive post-pandemic world. The game stands out for its loot system that strongly impacts strategic choices and player progression.


  1. Destiny 2 - From Bungie, the creators of Halo, comes an expansive multiplayer online shooter that balances fast-paced combat with an extensive loot system. The constant stream of new weapons, armour, and cosmetic items keeps the experience fresh and exciting.


  1. Monster Hunter: World - An entry from Capcom that takes loot-based gaming to a grand scale. Hunt gargantuan beasts, craft epic weapons and armor from their remains, and step into the wild again - it's a thrilling cycle that keeps players engaged.


  1. Warframe - This free-to-play online game from Digital Extremes dazzles with its fast-paced action and cooperative gameplay. The vast array of 'Warframes', weapons, and modifications offers deep customization options, making the looting experience unique for every player.