Local Co-Op Games for PC Collection

Playing games with your friends and family is much more fun when you can cooperate or compete with each other in real-time. That’s indeed what co-op modes offer. Many titles offer to play online co-op, but there are some splendid games with a local co-op mode, which means you can play together on the same PC! Pick from a variety of titles, from adorable Boomerang Fu to powerful Broforce to funny Castle Crashers. Check out which of these games will get the party started!

Number of products: 104
A Way Out EN/DE/FR/PT/ES Global EA App
Unrailed! EN Global Steam
from  €2.46 €15.99
It Takes Two Global EA App
from  €11.98 €40.73
Chronicon EN Global Steam
from  €0.86 €11.59
BattleBlock Theater Global Steam Gift
from  €2.18 €14.99
Enter the Gungeon Global Steam
from  €2.89 €14.99
Darksiders: Genesis Global Steam
from  €3.15 €29.99
LEGO: Lord of the Rings EN Global Steam
Crypt of the NecroDancer Global Steam
Spelunky EN/DE/FR/IT/ES Global Steam
from  €5.23 €14.99
A Hat in Time EN/DE Global Steam
from  €8.98 €44.24
Haven Global Steam
from  €5.24 €26.97
Broforce EN Global Steam
from  €0.95 €14.99
Tricky Towers Global Steam
from  €4.63 €14.99
Tabletop Simulator EN Global Steam
from  €10.72 €19.39
Arise: A Simple Story Global Steam
from  €0.71 €18.67
Cuphead EN Global Steam
from  €370.42
Drawful 2 EN Global Steam
from  €0.24 €9.99
Juicy Realm EN/JA/KO/ZH/ZH Global Steam
Castle Crashers Global Steam Gift
from  €12.80 €19.99
Neon Chrome EN Global Steam
from  €0.83 €2.07
Degrees of Separation Global Steam
from  €5.50 €7.31
TowerFall Ascension EN Global Steam
from  €5.44 €14.99
Door Kickers: Action Squad EN Global Steam
Blazing Chrome Global Steam
from  €0.63 €16.99
Trine 4: The Nightmare Prince Global Steam
Star Shelter VR EN Global Steam
from  €0.85 €16.79
Death Squared Global Steam
from  €0.33 €12.49
Spiritfarer Global Steam
from  €0.97 €24.99
Toodee and Topdee Global Steam
from  €0.79 €16.79
Streets of Fury EX EN Global Steam
from  €0.20 €9.99
Fight'N Rage EN/ES Global Steam
from  €0.94 €19.99
Shank 2 EN Global Steam
from  €1.20 €9.99
Death Road to Canada EN Global Steam
from  €8.23 €16.13
Biped Global Steam
from  €0.92 €12.49
Iron Fisticle EN Global Steam
from  €0.36 €7.49
Tesla vs Lovecraft Global Steam
from  €0.77 €14.99
FIFA 22 Global EA App
from  €47.39 €59.99
Struggling Global Steam
from  €0.76 €12.99
The Bug Butcher EN Global Steam
from  €2.32 €9.78
Crawl EN Global Steam
from  €4.12 €12.99
Rayman Origins Global Ubisoft Connect
Mighty Goose Global Steam
from  €8.24 €13.49
Regular Human Basketball EN Global Steam

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Couch entertainment

There is something nostalgic about sitting together in front of a PC and playing local co-op games. In the era of online co-op battle royals and story-driven, almost movie-like single players, the local co-ops seem to fall behind. But who doesn’t recall many hours of fun while playing retro gems with friends? Now, you can bring back these memories with titles like Rayman Origins, Retro Game Crunch, or Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light.

Fun for everyone

Local co-op games usually don’t involve much gaming skill, at least if you’re not playing on the highest difficulty level. Many of them are actually great fun for kids as well as their parents, as they demand logical thinking and cooperation. Breathtakingly beautiful games, like It Takes Two, The Cave, Bee Simulator, or Unravel Two, will not only engage you for hours but also tighten the bond between players.

Not only cartoons

It may sound, like co-op games, while suitable for everyone, are adorable violence-free creations. But when you look closer at this genre, you’ll find many games designed for more mature players. If you enjoy battles, dramatic plots, and you’re not afraid of lots of blood and deaths, you should check out titles like Shank 2, A Way Out, Darksiders: Genesis, or Blue Estate The Game. It’ll be a great idea for a Friday evening after work when the kids have already gone to bed.

For indie-games fans

The local co-op games genre seems like a field to show off for indie-games developers. Games like ibb and obb, Never Alone: Kisima Ingitchuna, or Spiritfarer, will let you and your friends live the unique, heartwarming stories and have fun while actually helping each other out, to move through the storyline. We can guarantee that the atmosphere of these titles will stay with you long after finishing the plot.