Animal Games Collection

Want to get familiar with the mysterious animal kingdom? You're in the right place. Whether you're a cat or a dog person, or completely opposite, you like to hunt animals down, here at GAMIVO's Animal Games Collection, we've got what you want. Pet cute cats and dogs, develop your dreamed farm or island, grab a rifle, go camping in a bush and hunt for deers, bears, boars. Animal games give that kind of freedom.

Number of products: 36
Worms W.M.D EN/DE/FR/IT Global Steam
from  €2.38 €13.20
Planet Zoo Global Steam
from  €5.92 €44.99
Maneater Global Steam
from  €0.95 €19.55
Cat Quest II Global Steam
from  €2.34 €14.99
Planet Zoo Deluxe Edition Global Steam
Cat on a Diet EN Global Steam
from  €0.29 €4.99
Lost Ember EN Global Steam
from  €4.48 €25.45
Goat Simulator GOATY Edition Global Steam
Untitled Goose Game Global Steam Gift
from  €17.42 €19.99
Cat Quest Global Steam
from  €1.13 €12.99
Beyond Blue Global Steam
from  €0.98 €11.99
Ultimate Fishing Simulator Global Steam
Hunting Simulator 2 EN/FR Global Steam
Animal Doctor EN Global Steam
from  €0.86 €16.85
Cat Goes Fishing EN EU Steam Gift
from  €4.58 €6.99
Domestic Dog EN Global Steam
from  €0.56 €2.39
Nyan Cat: Lost In Space EN Global Steam
Do Animals Dream? EN Global Steam
from  €0.89 €2.99
Cat Goes Fishing EN Global Steam Gift
Animal Gods EN Global Steam
from  €0.86 €2.64

Animal Games Collection at GAMIVO

Fill deserted island with life in Animal Crossing: New Horizons on Nintendo Switch. Invite adorable animals to live with you in your own paradise. But beware, even in Eden there sometimes can be troubles. Watch out for deadly tarantulas and annoying bugs, so they won't ruin your day. Terraform the island the way only you could've imagined.

Grab your favorite hunting rifle, track down and shoot majestic deers, huge beers and groups of deadly boars. Hunting Simulator 2 is a realistic hunting simulation, giving you a taste of trapper life. Surviving in the wilderness only off what you're able to find or hunt. There's no other way. 

Planet Zoo is the ultimate zoo simulation, gives you a chance to create a unique environment for any animals you'd to have in your zoo. Or perhaps you're seeking something more casual? Planet Zoo also offers sandbox mode, where you can focus solely on an exploration of vast pieces of land and nobody can stop you from doing that.