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We Were Here Forever - Complete Fan Pack EU Steam Gift CD key

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This bundle includes the following: The base game: We Were Here Forever, We Were Here Forever: Fan Edition: We Were Here Forever Digital Art Book - Peruse th... Read more

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Total Mayhem Games


Total Mayhem Games

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This bundle includes the following:

  • The base game: We Were Here Forever,
  • We Were Here Forever: Fan Edition:
    • We Were Here Forever Digital Art Book - Peruse this huge 156 page tome containing everything from early sketches to the final concept art that is the base for the 3D art you can explore in the game itself!
    • Mobile and Desktop Backgrounds - 1920 by 1080 desktop background resolution(s) and 852 by 1608 for mobile use.
    • The Official We Were Here Forever Soundtrack - Enjoy 168 minutes of thrills and suspense, composed by Tom Wolkers.

You and your fellow prisoner are trapped in the realm of Castle Rock - were you betrayed, or simply not that clever? To escape, you must explore the sinister castle for puzzles and plot your escape together. Secrets and riddles are hidden in the shadows. Just be aware that nothing is what it seems in this mysterious Antarctic adventure. Can you two escape together, or will you be trapped… forever?

Locked up in the dungeons, deep in the bowels of Castle Rock, you and a fellow prisoner must seek a way out and return to stand again beneath the icy Antarctic skies - but escaping this nightmare will not be so easy, let alone escaping the castle itself. Freeing yourselves from your cells and escaping the Keep is only the beginning - but does one truly escape Castle Rock? Fresh mysteries await, and you’ll have to make some choices about how to proceed. Your journey leads from the dark prison through the royal halls to the outside. Outside the Keep, you will discover the story of Rockbury, it’s inhabitants, and plans of a resistance formed against the King to escape this icy place. Hope will lead you on to an eerie Graveyard and have you descend down into the dark waters of the Foundry.

  • Two player co-op: the puzzles you encounter take two to solve - you both have a role to play! Communicate via walkie-talkies, and act as each other’s eyes and ears.
  • Connect through experience: when you find yourself in sudden danger, will you freeze, or can you keep cool and explain things clearly to your friend - before your time runs out…
  • On the edge of your seat: be part of a thrilling adventure in the lively world of Castle Rock as you and your friend take on the ancient powers aligned against you.
  • Spine-tingling story: there is much to discover… and much to fear - you’ve met the Jester, but is he even the most powerful being within the walls of Castle Rock?

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