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Tiny Bunny

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Why you should buy Tiny Bunny

  • You’re looking for a slightly different horror game.
  • You want to experience a game in the form of a visual novel.
  • You wish to uncover the horrifying truth about the missing children. 

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Tiny Bunny

Tiny Bunny is a non-linear horror visual novel based on Mordas Dimitry’s story and developed by Saikono. Play as Anton, a boy who’s just moved to a small Siberian village with his family. Enter the dark, lush forest and discover the terrifying secrets hidden behind black trees. Uncover the horrifying truth behind the missing children. Tiny Bunny features mature content, such as violence, gore, and offensive language, therefore may not be appropriate for all players. 

What’s hidden in the forest 

Anton is a sixth-grader who’s just moved to a small village surrounded by the Siberian forest. His life is not a bed of roses. His father has recently lost his job, Anton is bullied at school, and on top of that, very unsettling events are taking place in the village﹘the children have started disappearing mysteriously. When yet another boy goes missing, Anton starts his own investigation. Moreover, he’s having disturbing dreams that start to feel very real…   

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Enter the woods

The local police are helpless, with no traces of children and no clues. However, Anton sees more than they do. Footprints, bloody stains, pieces of clothes﹘as if someone was leaving them just for him to find. Choose which place you want to investigate. Click on objects to interact with them and to find achievements. Make decisions that will affect the story. 

A unique horror story 

Tiny Bunny is a unique, gripping horror visual novel﹘it is like a book you can interact with. The black and white visuals, along with the original sinister soundtrack, add to the uneasy feeling and nervous tension you’ll feel throughout the gameplay.  

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Tiny Bunny features 

  • A gripping horror story, 
  • Making choices that affect the gameplay, 
  • Original soundtrack,
  • Black and white graphic design,
  • Disturbing and sinister atmosphere. 

 PC system requirements 

  Minimum requirements
System Windows XP+ (x86)
Processor 1.2 GHz or faster processor
Graphics card    512 MB display memory
Drive Space 800 MB

available languages

EnglishRussianSimplified Chinese

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