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Bellular Studios


Fellow Traveller

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Survive the harsh cold

As the captain of The Temperance, it is up to you to navigate through the unpredictable and dangerous icy waters of the Polar Regions, avoiding treacherous ice floes and braving the harsh weather conditions. You must manage your resources and make strategic decisions to ensure the safety of your crew, while also pursuing the mystery of The Viscount's disappearance.

You have the ability to choose your crew and assign tasks, each with unique skills and abilities. Your choices will affect the success of your journey and the outcome of the game. In addition, you have the ability to upgrade your ship, from the hull to the engines, to better withstand the harsh conditions of the Antarctic.

In your search for the absolute magnetic South, you will encounter numerous challenges, including intense storms, frozen seas, and hostile creatures. The further you progress, the greater the danger and the more difficult the choices become. The fate of The Temperance and its crew rests in your hands. Can you uncover the truth behind The Viscount's disappearance and survive the journey to the Polar Regions?

Choose carefully

Each of your decisions will carry weight and shape the outcome of the journey. The consequences of your actions will determine the fate of the crew and The Temperance. Whether you manage to reach the absolute magnetic South or become another lost ship in the ice, depends on your decisions and your ability to lead your crew through the harsh and unpredictable conditions of the frozen wasteland.

The Pale Beyond is a place of mystery, where legends and myths of untold riches and ancient civilizations are whispered in hushed tones. Will you have what it takes to uncover the secrets of the frozen wasteland and find the answers you seek, or will you become just another footnote in the annals of polar exploration?

Lead this expedition

The journey may seem impossible, but as the captain, it's your duty to lead the way and guide the crew through the dangers of the frozen wilderness. From the treacherous ice floes to the unforgiving cold, every step must be calculated to ensure the safety of the crew and the success of the expedition. Keep the crew motivated and focused, and make the best use of your resources to survive the harsh and unpredictable environment. The path ahead is uncertain, but with careful planning and leadership, the crew may just make it through the Pale Beyond and find what they've been searching for.


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