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This is an Xbox One/Xbox Series version of the game.

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Why you should buy Prison Architect - Total Lockdown Bundle?

  • You love games in which you can build and manage your creations.
  • You’d like to take on the role of a prison warden.
  • You’d also like to try and escape from a high-security prison.  

This bundle includes the following: 

  • The base game: Prison Architect: Xbox One Edition 
  • All Day And A Night DLC, 
  • Going Green,
  • Psych Ward DLC,
  • Escape Mode DLC,
  • Island Bound DLC.

Prison Architect 

In this construction and management simulation video game, you take on the role of a prison warden. Build and manage your prison however you like! You can respect your prisoners’ human rights and offer them resocialization or do the complete opposite and disregard their needs and wellbeing. 

Play through the Prison Stories campaign, perform your first execution and prevent riots. Expand your prison and design it to your liking.  

Design their fate 

You start small by creating your first prison, designing it however you like. Next, you have to manage your facility and expand it. Hire guards to control the incoming prisoners and prevent prison breaks. Remember to manage your budget wisely so that all your convicts’ needs are met - otherwise prepare for a riot. 

The prisoners have their own personalities. They can be disciplined and mind their own business working in the kitchen or working out at the gym. Others may cause fights, try to escape, or form gangs. 

Remember that the way you design and manage your prison impacts the lives of the convicts. 

New possibilities

Prison Architect - Total Lockdown Bundle gives you a bunch of new possibilities and features making the game even more entertaining! 

  • Prison Architect: All Day and a Night gives you 8 new wardens, 8 new maps, and 8 new plots to give you an even more grand prison experience. Bend the rules, conduct experiments on your prisoners, and give your guards new equipment to quell any rebellion. Discover new prisons to choose from, such as secure facilities surrounded by moats as well as luxury prisons with extravagant cells. This DLC offers new plots, such as an abandoned oil facility, or the banks of a historic lake, on which you can build your prison. 
  • Prison Architect: Going Green brings agriculture to your facility. A new Prison Labor type enables you to harvest produce which you can later export or use as ingredients for convicts’ meals. There are three new outdoor rooms, that allow farming: Fruit Orchard, Farm Field, and Vegetable Allotment. You can also recruit Farm Workers and build a Pantry or a Shed. However, keep an eye on your prisoners, because they can now grow herbs and brew Booze! The new Solar, Wind, and Solar-Wind Hybrid power sources will make your prison more eco-friendly. And if you produce excess power you can sell it using the Power Export Meter
  • Prison Architect: Psych Ward welcomes the criminally insane! Manage unpredictable convicts who have unique Reputation traits. You can let them interact with other prisoners or isolate them in all-new padded cells. Keep them under control by hiring a new staff of Psychiatrists and Orderlies, who can sedate rebellious inmates, put straitjackets on them, or provide counseling in the new Psychiatrist’s Office. Get creative and customize your prison with new items, such as new floors, leather sofas, medicine cabinets, and Rorschach tests. Remember to always treat your convicts with care, otherwise, they can turn insane! Keep your guards alert as the prisoners could steal the new contraband, like Adrenaline Shots, Fountain Pens, and Gold Pocket Watches
  • Prison Architect: Escape Mode lest you take control over a prisoner and break out of prison! By earning XP and spend points you can unlock new skills to enhance your prisoner’s abilities. Gather your crew and assign them orders or bribe the guards to avoid punishment after another fight you’ve caused. Smuggle in contraband by calling up The Boss, kill other inmates and fight your way to freedom. The game also gives you new snapshots to collect. 
  • Prison Architect: Island Bound offers new ways to manage your facility. Deliver supplies and convicts using a helicopter, a ferry, or a ship. The game offers you new ways to build and more access points to sneak contraband into the prison. By linking docks, helipads, and roads to specific deliveries you can boost your efficiency. The possibilities are endless!

Prison Architect - Total Lockdown Bundle new features:

  • New Wardens, plots, and prison maps.
  • New prisons to choose from.
  • New and unique items, such as leather sofas or medicine cabinets.
  • New ways to build your prison.
  • New ways of delivery: by helicopters, ferries, and ships. 
  • An Escape Mode.
  • New staff and a new Prison Labor type.  
  • New contraband you can smuggle. 

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MATUREContent is generally suitable for persons ages 17 and up. May contain intense violence, blood and gore, sexual content and/or strong language.


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