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Why should you buy Pokemon: Violet:

  • The Pokemon Series is your favorite.
  • You love exploring the big, open universe.
  • You're looking for a game that's easy to learn.

Pokemon: Violet launch date

A new season of Pokemon is here! Pokemon Violet is the latest entry in the popular game series, which was produced by Game Freak studio in association with Nintendo and The Pokemon Company. On November 18, 2022, the Pokemon Violet game will be released, allowing gamers all across the world to re-enter a vibrant world filled with wonderful family-friendly adventures.

Pokemon: Violet with multiplayer

Pokémon Violet allows up to four players to play together. Along with series staples like trading and Pokémon battles, this game also lets you and other players explore the many areas in the region. You can discover new Pokémon and find unexpected places with your friends and family, making the experience more rewarding and enjoyable than ever.

Wide-open landscape of Paldea

Pokémon Violet provides an open-world journey that only the Pokémon series can, one that is also welcoming to series newcomers. In the world of Pokemon Violet, you can experience things at your own leisure rather than in a sequential order set by the story, and you can take part in a brand-new kind of adventure. As a Pokémon Trainer, you will travel to advance your skills, but there are still a ton of other adventures and surprises in store for you, like Victory Road, Path of Legends, and Starfall Street! Go on adventures in the world of Pokémon your way, meet a wide range of people, and catch different types of Pokémon.

Players can catch, battle, and train Pokémon in the vast Paldea Region, which has lakes, lofty peaks, wastelands, small towns, and big metropolis. As you explore a wide world at your own pace, ride a shape-changing mythical beast named Miraidon over land, ocean, and the air.

Pokemon: Violet - key features:

  • Male and female versions of the main character, 
  • multiplayer with up to four players, 
  • new pokemon to acquire, train, and battle,
  • three different adventure paths: Starfall Street, Victory Road, and Path of Legends.
Pokemon: Violet EN EU

Catch and train your Pokemon to be the best of the best.

Pokemon: Violet EN EU

With Victory Road, Path of Legends, and Starfall Street, you can select your adventure.

Pokemon: Violet EN EU

Paldea region is ready to welcome you with a variety of secrets to learn.


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EVERYONE 10+Content is generally suitable for ages 10 and up. May contain more cartoon, fantasy or mild violence, mild language and/or minimal suggestive themes.


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