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Overwatch - Origins Edition

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description Description and requirements

Includes base game with:

  • 21 Extraordinary Heroes: Choose your hero from a diverse cast of soldiers, scientists, adventurers, and oddities.
  • 5 Origin Skins: Overgrown Bastion, Blackwatch Reyes, Slipstream Tracer, Strike-Commander Morrison, Security Chief Pharah - pay homage to the original Overwatch strike force by wearing the vintage skins Blackwatch Reyes or Strike-Commander Morrison. Explore other heroes' origins with Overgrown Bastion, Security Chief Pharah, and even Slipstream Tracer!
  • Digital Goodies:

- Tracer Hero in Heroes of the Storm - jump into the Nexus with Tracer and surprise your enemies in the blink of an eye;

- Baby Winston Pet in World of Warcraft - adorably cuddly and highly intellectual, the Baby Winston pet will be at your side as you fight your way through Azeroth;

- Overwatch Card Back in Hearthstone - battle it out with an Overwatch-themed card back fit for a hero;

- Mercy's Wings in Diablo 3 - slay demonic forces throughout the High Heavens and Burning Hells as you don Mercy's wings. All of Sanctuary will know of your allegiance to Overwatch;

- Player Portraits in Starcraft 2 - with brand new portraits of Tracer, Reaper, Pharah, Winston, Bastion, and Soldier: 76, you're sure to become a champion of the Koprulu Sector;

The newest FPS from Blizzard has earned himself the Game Of The Year Edition with more than 100 awards! Get your hands on a roster of 25 heroes in 6 versus 6 battles in various game modes such as Payload or Control in maps across the globe. Set in 2074 with a war in the horizon, you fall under the wing of an organization which duty is to maintain peace; peace that is in threat due to Talon’s group.

Each hero within the roster is different and have various abilities that you can combine in your team to win the match. From flying to teleporting or launching a gravitational projectile, the heroes have different ultimate abilities to finish off your enemies.

There are several modes apart from Payload or Control that makes Overwatch an amazing and fun experience such as:

  • The Arcade: A combination of several modes like Mistery Heroes, where the heroes are randomized every time you die, or Total Mayhem, where there are no cooldowns in the abilities you can use; that makes Overwatch unique in its genre.
  • Practice vs AI: The best way to practice a new hero or different skills versus an advanced AI made by Blizzard! Train headshots, or aiming with any hero.
  • Game Browser: Search for the best games made by the community of more than 30 million players. Every member of the community can create a game mode and post it within the game. Overwatch offers a tremendous amount of values that you can change to make your best possible mode and share it with the community!
  • Deathmatch: The good and old classic mode form all time in FPS games. Get 25 kills and win the game in maps modified to be smaller in comparison to other game modes.

The roster of heroes is divided in roles. Attack, Defense, Tank and Support are the roles that you will need to combine to win the match. The best team is the most balanced but you can always try new tactics to the outcome the meta of the adversaries.

The game offers a unique ranking ladder system divided in Ranks (Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Master and Grand Master), where you earn points for each match you win. The goal is to reach the Top 500 in your region.

Each hero is customizable with cosmetic effects in the game such as skins, victory poses or POTG animations. You can earn a Lootbox (the box that contains cosmetic effects) from leveling up or you can buy them with real money.

The game is always getting updated with new maps, game modes, and heroes to play with and every update is free of charge, so you don’t have to worry about paid DLCs anymore!

Join the team of Soldier:76, Tracer and other heroes to save the world from Talon!

Remember, the world could always use more heroes! Join Overwatch today!

Blizzard Entertainment brings their legendary game making expertise to the FPS genre with Overwatch: Origins Edition. Play as a sword wielding robot-ninja or an armor plated gorilla scientist. Overwatch uses the gameplay style of FPS but adds tons of creative twists and is simple to play so anyone can dive in and have fun. And there's tons of backstory lore to explore as well. Overwatch has quickly become one of the premier titles in the eSports world and Blizzard is rolling out a huge Overwatch League as well. The hype is real! Millions of people around the world are playing. Buy your copy today and find out why.

  • Team up, take down - Individual matches of Overwatch are 6v6 team battles set in globally diverse locations. With 23 heroes to choose from, you can make all kinds of different team compositions. And there's no limit on having multiples of the same hero. Try a team of six Meis or five Junkrats and a Reinhardt. Each hero offers a different playstyle and serves a unique function within the team. Try new things and see what works! You can practice in casual matches or prove your skills on the ranked ladder. Play alone, join your friends, or get serious with a six person squad. Overwatch features a quick and balanced game-finding service so you won't waste time waiting.
  • Beyond the battle - Overwatch is an incredible gaming experience that never gets old because there's always something new. Each unique hero has a detailed backstory that is part of an enormous fictional imagining of the future of our world. Discover what Overwatch is and what it means to Pharah, Winston, and Genji. Blizzard also releases new heroes, new maps, and new content related to the game's universe. If that's not enough, then check out some streams or events. You can find top eSports teams at tournaments around the globe. Learn new strategy or just sit back and be amazed at the skill of Overwatch pros.
  • You want extras? You got 'em - When you buy Overwatch: Origins Edition you get more than just a great gaming experience. Along with the base game, this product includes tons of in-game extras and swag. You can fight in style with five Origin Skins which are based on the background of prominent characters. Check out Overgrown Bastion, Blackwatch Reyes, Slipstream Tracer, Strike-Commander Morrison, and Security Chief Pharah. Get goodies for your other Blizzard games as well. Play as Tracer in HotS, summon a baby Winston in WoW, try the Overwatch Hearthstone card back, equip Mercy's wings in Diablo 3, and use awesome player portraits in Starcraft 2.

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Really good games.
Good points :
- GRaphics
- Sound
- Lot of characters
- Not too easy
- lot of people to play with
- Different from classical fps
- A loot box at each level
- All the caracters are playable as soon as you buy the game

Bad points :
- The system of loot box to have skins

Go for it
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