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Perfect game
Perfect game
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Nuumonsters is a game set in the future about curious little creatures that strive to be the strongest^^ Power on your AR Gear and play the role of Yasaka or Yana to become the highest-ranking battler in the region!

Explore a bustling open-world setting full of player are all trying to reach the top of the leaderboards! Defeat Elite trainers to unlock new areas filled with new MONSTERS characters. With a total of 60 monsters and 70 moves, players have a lot of team building options to indulge in as they level up their favorite monsters and unlock their completed movesets.

  • Over 100 unique monsters and moves
  • Secret bases to customize with unlockable items
  • Expansions to the map, hidden items, rare monsters, and more NPC's
  • Online battling, trading, co-op, and an MMR ranking system
  • An in-depth personalized story about the heroes
  • General combat updates and balancing

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