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Why you should buy Icarus:

  • You feel brave enough to try surviving in an alien wilderness.
  • You wish to explore the alternative vision of Earth.
  • You enjoy brutal player vs. environment gameplay.

Familiar, yet alien

Icarus is a session-based PvE survival game. You can enjoy it in a single-player or up to eight players co-op mode. Like in many titles, you will have to explore the environment, harvest, craft, and hunt to survive and search for valuable exotic materials. However, this time the rules of the world are not so obvious.

Keep your eyes peeled

Get ready for a long journey into the wilderness. Wild animals and harsh weather conditions are not the only threats. Beware of the aliens, lack of oxygen, forest fires, and more uncharted dangers. Try to build a durable shelter to keep you and your teammates safe. At least for a while. If you stay too long in one place, the dangers only come closer.

Try to tame nature

Completing your mission won’t be easy. You will need to focus on the constant development of your skills in tech trees: planetary tech, player talents, and orbital workshop. The more you know, the fewer dangers will be life-threatening. Choose which skills to develop, but don’t forget about collecting rare exotic materials, which you can turn into advanced tech on the orbit.

The clock is ticking

The time you can spend on Icarus is limited, so you have to use every second wisely. If you miss the orbital space station, you’re a lost cause. Choose from sessions with different durations – from one hour long to those lasting days or even weeks. Return to orbit as a seasoned veteran or get left behind and then lost forever.

Icarus: key features

  • Impressive dangers, from the wild animals and weather conditions to aliens,
  • Time limit feature,
  • Variety of different-duration sessions,
  • Great backstory,
  • Pleasing graphics.

PC system requirements

  Minimum requirements    Recommended requirements   
System Windows 10, 64-bit Windows 10, 64-bit
Processor i5-8400 i7-9700
Graphics card    Nvidia GTX 1060 (6 GB)    Nvidia RTX 3060 Ti
RAM 16 GB 32 GB
Drive Space 70 GB 70 GB
DX 11 11

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