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This is a restricted product and it can be activated and played ONLY in Brazil.

This is an Xbox One/Xbox Series version of the game.

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Nomada Studio


Devolver Digital

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Why you should buy GRIS:

  • You wish to experience something incredible.
  • You value artwork and music in games.
  • You enjoy games where you need to work out how to play by yourself.

Playable work of art

GRIS is an incredible indie adventure game created by Nomada Studio. The eponymous character is a girl lost in her own world. Throughout the gameplay, she deals with a painful experience, which results in a journey through sorrow. Join her on the adventure and watch her emotionally grow and explore her abilities.

Peace of mind

The game has no instruction, no combat, no death. It’s a calm story of exploring the beautiful world with puzzles you have to solve with no hints. GRIS also lacks any form of dialog, written or spoken, so it may be played by anyone regardless of their spoken language. Every emotion and feeling is presented by visuals and music in the background.

A unique atmosphere

The design and story of the game will make you leave its world with a wrenched heart. This incredibly beautiful yet short game won’t take you longer than 5 hours. But every second of gameplay will be filled with emotions and meaningful events. Watch the story unfold, and do not hold back the watery eyes.

Music and art

GRIS features a mesmerizing original soundtrack composed and performed by Berlinist and outstanding watercolor artwork by Conrad Cuevas. The music completes the delicate world, filling it with the soft sound of orchestral scores. GRIS presents pure excellence when it comes to creating certain feelings without unnecessary words.

GRIS: key features:

  • Beautiful artwork,
  • Excellent original soundtrack,
  • The deeply touching storyline,
  • Gameplay based on guesswork,
  • An outstanding experience every gamer should give a try.

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EVERYONEContent is generally suitable for all ages. May contain minimal cartoon, fantasy or mild violence and/or infrequent use of mild language.


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