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This is an Xbox One/Xbox Series version of the game.

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Grin Robot Games - Bundle ARG

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This bundle includes the following:

  • Butterfly 1,
  • Butterfly 2,
  • Smart Moves 1,
  • Smart Moves 2,
  • Synchro Hedgehogs 1,
  • Synchro Hedgehogs 2.

About Butterfly 1:

Platformer puzzle game with an interesting gimmick. You can't jump, so you need to bounce off your enemies or use tubes to your advantage. Both platformer skills AND logic are required to complete 40 challenging levels! Deft fingers and quick reactions are required. Sweaty neck guaranteed.

About Butterfly 2:

The second part of the platformer-puzzle game Butterfly! A caterpillar's adventures on the quest of getting butterfly wings. Enjoy 40 new challenging levels, with pixel graphics and new enemies!

About Smart Moves 1:

The hero can attack monsters when both are standing on neighboring squares. Avoid being the first at a distance of impact! The hero can't skip turns but can use level objects - or other monsters - to “skip” the turn. Every game level is a puzzle with its own logical solution. You have to discover and learn how objects interact with each other in the game world. You get a new playing experience where game mechanics are of maximum importance. Original art style included.

About Smart Moves 2:

Each game level is a puzzle with its own logical solution. To move to a new level, you need to open all the chests. The hero is chased by monsters, they either wait in hide, or immediately attack him with his first step. There are some new words added in SM2 with new enemies: gnolls, bandits, predatory flowers, bloodthirsty slimes.

The hero defeats a monster when striking the enemy on the next square. Avoid being the first one within striking distance of the enemy! To stop the hero from moving and "skip" turn, the hero can smash some objects or destroy monsters. You can also use the portal.

About Synchro Hedgehogs 1:

The puzzle platform game with two funny twins moving as one! Enjoy the 40 levels of the original design! Your logical and platformer skills are required. Manage this active team of twins tied by your fingers! Where to go first? Platform skills are useful, but try to find a simple logical solution.

About Synchro Hedgehogs 2:

A puzzle platformer with two hedgehogs moving in sync! Polish your logic by controlling a team of twins in one move! A pixel-art style puzzle platformer. The level is passed when the hedgehogs collect all the apples.



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