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Killmonday Games


Killmonday Games

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Why you should buy Fran Bow?

  • You’re a fan of horror games. 
  • You enjoy solving puzzles. 
  • You’re not afraid of gruesome images and unsettling stories.  

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Fran Bow

Enter a creepy world of Fran Bow, a dark adventure game from Killmonday Games. Set on a mission as Fran, a small girl suffering from trauma after experiencing the gruesome murder of her parents, and help her find her friend, Mr. Midnight. Escape from the asylum, solve puzzles and explore this scary world. 

A creepy adventure

Fran is a small girl who witnesses her parents being brutally murdered and dismembered. Terrified, Fran runs into the woods with her cat friend, Mr. Midnight. In the forest, Fran suffers from a shock, and when she recovers, she finds herself at a childrens’ Oswald Asylum. Moreover, Mr. Midnight is nowhere to be found! One night, the small girl has a dream about her beloved black cat and decides to find him, escape the oppressive mental institution, and go back home to her only relative, Aunt Grace.

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A hidden world

Escape the asylum and solve various challenging puzzles, based on this scary story. Interact with over 50 unique Fran Bow characters as well as with Mr. Midnight. Occasionally, you can play as the black cat himself! Take the medication to see the horrifying hidden world. Although it will make Fran see terrifying and gruesome images, it will also help her solve many puzzles and find hidden objects.  

Psychological horror

Don’t let Fran Bow’s cartoonish hand-drawn 2D graphics mislead you. This psychological horror adventure will definitely send shivers down your spine. Traverse the world full of blood, dismembered bodies, and monsters. Play three-mini games that are part of the transitions in the story. And if you’re looking for more games like Fran Bow, you should definitely check out Little Misfortune by the same creators! 

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Fran Bow features:

  • Story-driven horror adventure, 
  • A variety of puzzles, 
  • Three mini-games, 
  • Over 50 interactive characters, 
  • Occasionally playing as a cat, Mr. Midnight!

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MATUREContent is generally suitable for persons ages 17 and up. May contain intense violence, blood and gore, sexual content and/or strong language.


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