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Join a team of alien fleas in this fast-paced game of maddening multiplayer melee mayhem! Choose your species, customize your abilities, and then hunt, eat, and squash your friends and frenemies in team play—or Flea for All, where there can Flea only one!

Speed is critical in Flea Madness. Flea who hesitates is dead!
Use diverse landscapes to hunt and eat prey to gain power-ups—but be careful! Not everything you can eat may agree with you. Will that tasty morsel gives you enhanced speed or turn you invisible? Or will it invert your controls or reduce your speed? There’s only one way to find out…

  • GET NEW ABILITIES: All over the map you can find food-insects that give various abilities, they can either speed you up, or play a bad joke and slow you down. They can make you invisible or make reverse control. Try your luck if you dare!
  • HIDE: Use diverse landscape conditions and find unexpected places to hunt down and eat your victim.
  • MOVING FAST IS THE PLEDGE OF SURVIVAL: Be faster and more cunning than the opponents, otherwise, you will be eaten or lose your size, that in flea world is almost the same! Remember that speed is your best friend!
  • NEW IMPRESSIONS: This game immerses you in the previously unknown world of infinite confrontation. The world where eating is the main target of life. Show all you've got and become the apex predator in the universe.

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