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4.2 /5 (5 reviews)
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With another year comes another release of the well-known, sports game: FIFA 21!

FIFA 21 video game This game is a must-have for FIFA fans, EA has proven once again that FIFA franchise can be even better that the iteration from the last year. The developers with each year improve the game and enhance the well-known formula of team-based soccer gameplay. Gamers around the world sharpen their teeth to get ahold of FIFA 21, either to be competitive in multiplayer or casually play alone or with friends.

FIFA 21 gameplay:

As always, FIFA 21 revolves around soccer, the most known sport around the globe. The mechanics are sharp and responsive, player is always in control and EA made sure of that. EA introduced a few, but very welcome changes to the gameplay mechanics! Not only the gameplay mechanics were looked into and improved upon. FIFA 21 offers amazing graphics with enhanced animation technology. The era of 4K gaming is here and EA made sure that even the smallest graphical details will be refined and pleasent to eye.

  • Agile dribbling: System that will divide good players between the amazing ones. Use the new dribbling system to get past defenders, fake outs will become the multiplayer meta.
  • Positioning personality: FIFA 21 offers more possibilities for the creative players. Making sure that the right footballer is at the right place and time is a key to victory. Dedicated players will make most of this feature and will achieve countless goals thanks to their dedication.
  • Creative runs:
    • Directed runs: Flick the right stick after triggering a run to take full control over the direction of the runs your teammates make
    • Directed pass and go: Flick the right stick to decide where your teammate makes their run after a pass
    • Player lock: Press in both sticks to lock to your current player when on the attack
  • Natural collision system: With the help of the re-imagined collision system, FIFA 21 gives this realistic feeling of every collision.

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Reviews (5)

z..p@gmail.comReview date: 16.12.2020
User bought FIFA 21 EN/PL/CS/TR Global from:
Pros:- Decent upgrades in Career mode- Better motion response- Agile Dribbling and Forward runs- Addictive Ultimate Team with new additions- More online options at Volta Football- Faster gameplay…Negatively:- Or which favors specific players- The same graphics engine- The defenders are so nervous that the scores become huge- Very short duration and bad story in Volta Football mode- Some bugs, especially in arbitration- The A.I. has unnatural behavior
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a..l@gmail.comReview date: 08.10.2020
User bought FIFA 21 EN/PL/CS/TR Global from:
Don't fret about things. Cheapest deal on the internet rn and the key was delivered instantly as always. It's a standard edition and I have pre-loaded it. The game should go live within 9 hours from the time of this writing. See you out there people.
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Arm123great Review date: 17.10.2020
Best football game ever : -) Huh, I love it
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P1ckunReview date: 26.12.2020
User bought FIFA 21 EN/PL/CS/TR Global from:
This game is absolute shit. Goalkeepers are non existant, players cant pass and your opponent scores just by taping the shoot button. FIFA was shit before but this is on a whole other level of shit. I regret buying and it would be better if i burned the 25$
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Turtl3RiderReview date: 03.05.2022
User bought FIFA 21 EN/PL/CS/TR Global from:
Thanks for the code, appreciate it
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