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Twisted II Studio


Twisted II Studio, Feardemic



An obscure tale 

In the psychological horror game Dark Fracture, you explore a constantly shifting environment where nightmares and reality collide. As you delve into the deepest recesses of the human psyche, question everything you encounter as you walk on the verge of insanity in the shoes of a tortured soul. Dark Fracture immerses you in the unsettling atmosphere of a corpse farm, a decomposition research facility, which is set in the late 1990s in a wooded region of the Northeastern United States. You start out in the world as Edward, a lonely man with a tragic background who finds solace only in the medication that gets him through the day. The isolation of Edward's profession only makes his problems worse as he struggles to get by. He faithfully gets up every morning to go to work and puts on a brave face. His routine is the only thing keeping him anchored, yet turmoil is brewing inside.

Explore Edwards story

While working the dreaded midnight shift one night, Edward has a series of unsettling incidents that push him closer and closer to losing his mind as the entire fabric of reality appears to fall apart and twist around him. The support of his self-inflicted lethargy is being yanked out from under him, and the cruel hand of fate is pushing him once more in the direction of catastrophe - one that threatens to envelop Edward's entire world in the darkness. Is it just Edward's imagination tricking him? Or is there really something sinister nipping at his heels and dangling him in the depths? Your decisions will affect how his frightening tale plays out, therefore you must figure it out.


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