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Mongoose Rodeo


Mongoose Rodeo



Crowsworn - key features

  • Visually stunning Metroidvania game.
  • Multilevel world filled with hidden regions.
  • Challenging epic bosses.
  • Three distinctive weapons (Scythe, Pistols, and Corvian Magic).
  • Dynamic and stylish combat system.

Release date

Mongoose Rodeo is developing a new game called Crowsworn, which takes inspiration from popular titles like Hollow Knight, Bloodborne, and Devil May Cry. The release date is still unknown, but Crowsworn promises to be an enthralling hand-drawn Metroidvania game with an emphasis on immersive combat, explorative platforming, and captivating storytelling.

Explore destroyed world

Step into the dark and oppressive world of Crowsworn, where danger lurks at every turn and vicious enemies and monsters await. As you awaken from a deep slumber with no sense of purpose, you'll embark on a journey to retrace your steps and recover your lost memories. The nonlinear world is giant and interconnected, filled with hidden regions waiting to be unlocked by your new abilities. Be prepared to face challenging and epic bosses as you explore and unlock the secrets of this immersive Metroidvania.

Platformer full of combat

Prepare to feel like a total badass as you navigate through the world of Crowsworn, using a variety of abilities to conquer platforming obstacles and combat challenges. Equipped with three distinctive weapons, the Scythe, Pistols, and Corvian Magic, you will face off against a range of foes with a highly stylized and fast-paced combat system. Each challenge is crafted to provide a sense of accomplishment when overcome, making Crowsworn a truly satisfying experience for players.

Crowsworn PRE-ORDER EN Global

Explore the vast and nonlinear world, filled with hidden secrets, and use your new abilities to access previously inaccessible areas.

Crowsworn PRE-ORDER EN Global

Prepare for a thrilling combat experience in Crowsworn, where platforming and action merge seamlessly in a fast-paced and satisfying gameplay.


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