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Requires a virtual reality headset.

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Triangle Factory


Triangle Factory

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Locate and eliminate your enemies

In Breachers, you lead your team in high-stakes, close-quarters combat, whether you're fighting as an enforcer or a revolter. With a range of gadgets and powerful weapons to customize, you must outsmart and outshoot your opponents in stunning environments.

Join the Enforces or Revoltes

If you're an enforcer, your objective is to take out your enemies and disable their bombs with the use of an EMP. You'll need to use gadgets like drones, cloaking devices, flashbangs, and breaching foam to get the upper hand. You can also rappel down walls, swing through windows, and catch your opponents off-guard.

When you play as a revolter, your goal is to prevent your enemies from disarming your bomb by eliminating them before they can do so. To defend your position, you can use doorblockers, tripmines, static field emitters, and proximity sensors.

Customize your arsenal

At the beginning of each round, you can buy and personalize your weaponry extensively to match your preferences in order to achieve success. You can alter every type of gun, from pistols to assault rifles, with additional features to meet your requirements.


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