Aurum: Unified Extendable Work & Gaming Overlay

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Aurum is a flyout control panel / window creator. It is as simple as creating a new layer on your screen, pulling a couple of squares for background, buttons and widgets, assigning themes and functions and last but not least button and overall animations.

It's extendable by addons, allowing for unlimited functions in both widgets as well as commands, and doesn't lack sharing functionality for whole overlays as well as themes.

To make it right for gaming, memory consumption managing was a criteria, Aurum passed the test without any impact on games on mid performance machines. Memory consumption is always displayed in the main settings.

  • You can reuse layers with different settings on different overlays
  • You can bind hotkeys to commands specified in addons like volume up +15, next speaker, next track, duplicate display, or communication with a webiste.
  • Multimonitor support
  • Really easy addon development with C# & WPF

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