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Why you should buy Angry Aligator:

  • You’re looking for a silly adventure game with an open world.
  • You’d like to play as a scary and angry alligator.
  • You’d love to scare hoomans away from your swamp.

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Angry Aligator 

It’s time to take revenge on the source of all evil – hoomans! Become a deadly alligator in Angry Alligator, an action-adventure game from Backup Plan. Travel through an open-world swamp, eat everything you want, and scare away those that have taken over your home. Play Angry Alligator on PS4 and Nintendo Switch. 

Small gator   

Humans want to take over the swamp, and you’re the only one that can scare them away and save your home. Start as a small baby alligator and grow as you eat and progress. Today on the menu are birds, frogs, bears, and, of course, hoomans! Venture through a huge open world and meet and eat various creatures. Learn from the wisest croc on the swamp – Wisecroc – and let his knowledge guide you. 

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Customize your gator 

Play as one of the various alligators you can choose from and customize. Dress up your gator in hats and wigs and make this game even more silly! Do you think rockets and alligators don’t go together? Well, you’re wrong. Find and use all goofy equipment to make your revenge even more fun! 

Scare hoomans away

Raid camps, chase tourists out of your swamp, and rescue other alligators from being experimented on. Fight with boss beasts, blow things up, and discover secrets hidden in this colorful world. Grow into a big, strong, and angry alligator and make the swamp a peaceful safe haven again.  

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Angry Alligator features

  • Choosing and customizing an alligator, 
  • Chasing and eating hoomans,
  • Eating and growing, 
  • Exploring a colorful, huge open-world,
  • Fighting with boss beasts. 



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