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Key features:

  • Next chapter of Alan Wake's story,
  • Survival horror,
  • A compelling, multilayered story.

Alan Wake 2 is a sequel to Remedy's hit action-adventure game released in 2010. In the first game, Alan Wake comes to the town of Bright Falls to overcome his writer's block. Unfortunately, he has to fight dark and powerful forces instead of working on his new novel. The story is inspired by Twin Peaks, so Bright Falls, just like the town from the famous TV show, hides weird secrets beneath its calm surface. It's also populated by colorful characters, including former rock stars.

New chapter

Alan Wake 2 continues its predecessor's story, but it's a survival horror, not an action game with horror elements. Thus, the gameplay is significantly different from the first game. Moreover, Alan Wake 2 is the best-looking game developed by Remedy, as it utilizes the power of modern computers and consoles. Those outstanding visuals help to immerse you even deeper in Alan Wake 2's complex and multilayered story. It's also worth mentioning that the main actors from the first game return for the sequel.

The release date

The first Alan Wake game was followed by two DLCs (The Signal and The Writer) and a standalone expansion called Alan Wake's American Nightmare. Later, the writer returned as an easter egg in Quantum Break and as a minor character in Control's AWE DLC that lets players discover some Bright Falls secrets. They were intriguing additions to Alan Wake's universe, but fans had waited for the full-fledged sequel. Finally, Remedy announced it at the Game Awards 2021. The studio hasn't revealed the exact date of the premiere of Alan Wake 2 yet, but it plans to release the game in 2023.


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