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Eremite Games


Hooded Horse

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A vibrant fantasy world meets a roguelite city builder

You are Viceroy, a loyal servant of the Scorched Queen. You are given the task of establishing new settlements in yet unclaimed territory. Your main goal is to survive long enough to gather valuable resources needed to rebuild and upgrade the Smoldering City after it got destroyed by the Blightstorm. But it will be tough. The Queen's demands are back-breaking and the world is always against you.

The environment

The Blightstorm is an everlasting rain. Sooner or later, it will destroy everything you have achieved. It always comes back and never stops; it's just a matter of time. But the blizzard is not the only thing you need to worry about. Your Queen's kingdom is made of humans, beavers, lizards, and harpies, and keeping them all happy is not going to be easy. As you develop your cities and settle new ones, after a time, you will stumble upon completely new biomes. There are a total of five of them. All of them will offer new challenges and obstacles. But at the same time, new rare resources that you so desperately need.

Each game is different

With hundreds of game modifiers, 5 different biomes, and a roguelite style, you will never play the same way twice. The game will force you to create new strategies every time, whether it comes to posing the weather conditions or city "builds". Use the strengths of each group of your citizens to reshape your surrounding world, gather unique resources to develop Smoldering City, and make it in time before the Blightstorm inevitably occurs again.


Available languages

EnglishGermanFrenchPolishPortugueseRussianSimplified ChineseSpanish

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