Watch Dogs Collection

Watch Dogs have been with us since 2014. Starting with the first installement of the franchise called 'Watch Dogs' where the game followed adventures of a vigilante hacker Aiden Pearce. The story revolved around vengeance, Aiden's main quest was to revenge the killing of her niece. The game provided multiple tools to do that, the most known was Aiden's ability to hack into everything he met on his path. In a world where everything is steered by technology it's a powerful ability. After the grand success of Watch Dogs, Ubisoft decided to make the game into a franchise and started working on next installments of the game. Watch Dogs 2 was born, they took everything from the first game and improved it. Latest game in the franchise is Watch Dogs: Legion, game received more gameplay mechanics. Most notable addition is the ability to add every citizen of London to your 'Legion' - protagonist(s) focus on liberating London from the evil overseer who uses technology to take control of the city.

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