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This is a restricted product and it can be activated and played ONLY in North America.

This is a Playstation 4 version of the game.

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Kaufe Tamarin Deluxe Edition North America PS4/5

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Why you should buy Tamarin 

  • You’re looking for a game that will bring back fond memories of classic Nintendo shooters. 
  • Shooting dancing ants sounds like a bizarre but fun idea to you.
  • You enjoy games with diverse, interconnected locations. 

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Tamarin is a 3D third-person action-adventure game developed by Chameleon Games, available on PC and PS4. Set in the picturesque Nordic-inspired scenery, you play as a cute little monkey on a mission to save its family from deadly insects, causing pollution and destruction. Fight the enemy, help out animals you meet along the way, and have fun exploring the world of Tamarin.


Leap through the various interconnected locations of Tamarin, such as beautiful coasts, breathtaking fjords, dense forests, and dark tunnels. The open areas allow you to move between them in multiple ways and explore every nook and cranny. Show off your monkey agility while jumping on platforms and avoiding traps. Collect fruits to gain new skills and catch fireflies to unlock hidden locations

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Fight the enemy

Along the way, the little monkey will have to face the insects that threaten the environment and small animals. Chase electrical fireflies, and fight dancing ants that are hiding in the tunnels, and shoot their limbs off. Choose from a wide range of weapons and kill them before they eliminate you. Heavily inspired by Nintendo classics, this third-person shooter will bring back some fond memories to the older players. 

Save animals

Save birds and other innocent animals from the raging insects and receive various rewards from them. Bring back peace to the once idyllic world. Tamarin’s vivid and colorful graphic design, along with a great soundtrack, give the game a particular charm. The detailed animal characters and diverse environment with dense vegetation bring Tamarin to life. Although the game will help you to relax, it wouldn’t be with a bit of challenge. 

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Tamarin features

  • Various interconnected locations. 
  • Jumping, leaping, and shooting.
  • Unlockable skills and locations. 
  • Wide range of weapons. 

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