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This is a restricted product and it can be activated and played ONLY in Europe.

This is a PlayStation 5 version of the game.

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LEGO: Bricktales

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ClockStone Studio



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Why should you buy LEGO: Bricktales:

  • You loved to build with LEGO bricks
  • You are looking for a family-friendly game
  • A lovely story about saving the grandfather’s amusement park

Build everything in Lego: Bricktales

Discover an ingenious brick-by-brick building mechanic in LEGO Bricktales to create puzzle solutions from scratch. Witness your creations come to life in a stunning LEGO universe where every issue has a fix!

Lego: Bricktales offers a lot of beautifully detailed dioramas. Each diorama offers a choice of construction places with the flexibility of intuitive brick-by-brick building, from merely aesthetic creations like a market stand or music box up to functional, moving machines with physics-based problems like creating a crane or gyrocopter. You are given a set of bricks in each location, and it is your mission to come up with a creative answer for building the solution. There are more constructions in the theme park where you can personalize the attractions in addition to unique puzzles and objectives.

Story Mode

For story mode, you will set out on an epic journey across a world of beautifully constructed LEGO diorama biomes as you look for ideas to aid your grandfather in revitalizing his amusement park with your small robot companion by your side. You'll visit the thickest jungle, sun-drenched deserts, a lively city street, a massive medieval castle, and the Caribbean islands on your voyage. 

Your brilliant granddad, an inventor, has asked you for help. If the required repairs aren't completed to bring it up to code, the mayor is threatening to shut down everything and confiscate the land, so his favorite amusement park will soon have to close. You can restore it with a secret contraption based on extraterrestrial technology and your strong little robot friend.

The Crystal of Happiness, which you can obtain by making people happy and resolving their issues, is required by the device as an energy source. With the power of a portal, travel to different areas all around the world to help people and gather their happiness crystals. Save your grandfather's amusement park by buckling up for the ultimate building challenge!

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LEGO Bricktales - key features:

  • Easy to learn brick-by-brick building,
  • different puzzles to solve,
  • sandbox mode for ultimate creativity,
  • build your own character.
LEGO: Bricktales EU

Gorgeous lego dioramas stunning in detail

LEGO: Bricktales EU

Create what you want with an easy brick-by-brick system

LEGO: Bricktales EU

Discover a LEGO: Bricktales worlds while helping your grandpa


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