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'Goblins Keep Coming - Tower Defense' is an Endless 3D Tower Defense where hordes of Goblins just won't stop coming! Protect your castle against bombers, warriors and kings. Evolve your defenses as the enemies won't stop sending bigger and stronger troops from different locations on the landscape. It's a lovely day in the kingdom, but you can't enjoy it because the Goblins keep coming. With just a small amount of defenses available, you have to create a strong economy and the smartest defense strategy and layout before it's too late and your castle crumbles into ruins because of the Goblin invasion. See how far can you go, learn new things each time you play and defend your castle!

  • Highly replayable - Replaying the game means different outputs, different enemies and troop configurations. Every game is a different game and learning how to play it is the key to go further into the next game.
  • Random Events - Random events take place during the course of the game, which can bring huge hordes of goblins, Kings that are really tough and hard enemy combinations that can make a weak economy collapse!
  • Defenses - Building from a small set of defenses available means that your layout is really important and combining the defenses available is the key to defend your castle.
  • Economy - Build a strong economy by building and upgrading mines that help your gold output after each wave ends. Use the gold to repair your castle or build defenses when needed. It's important to have a good economy so you can survive even the unexpected.
  • Endless Gameplay - The game never stops, waves are always getting bigger and stronger, with different enemy combinations and difficulties, coming from different places on the map.
  • Simple enemy pathing - The landscape's paths are simple and always the same, enabling you to know exactly how to plan your defenses.
  • Leaderboards - Get the highest places on the leaderboards by defending your castle for as long as you can
  • Steam Community - Unlock more than 50 Achievements! And you'll be able to craft Badges with trading cards and get awesome backgrounds for your steam profile as soon as the game is eligible to do so.

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