Little Nightmares II - Deluxe Edition

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This bundle includes the following:

  • Little Nightmares II Full Game
  • The Nomes’ Attic DLC
  • Full Digital Soundtrack
  • “The Art of Little Nightmares II” Digital Artbook
  • A Wallpaper Set

Little Nightmares II

Return to the second installment of Little Nightmares and wake up your inner child.
Suspenseful adventure awaits!

Uncover the secrets

Play as familiar and new characters and dive into the mystery.
A new duo forms - Six and Mono - they try to escape the distorted world they have ended up in. The girl in a yellow raincoat will guide you through the dark secrets of The Signal Tower. Help her to escape the horrible fate that lies ahead.

Odd fellows:

Thin Man - a lanky figure travels through the barren area with the accompaniment of The Transmission’s hum. What is he searching for?
Viewers - the only thing that matters to them is the screens. The Transmission gives them all they need but they want something in return...
Patients - can the Doctor fix what they hate about their reflection? They just want to be whole again.
Doctor - he is a perfectionist adored by his patients. Will you be able to hear him coming?
Bullies - get them what they want or they will make you do it. Not all children are innocent.
Teacher - make sure to be obedient or there will be punishment. Be quiet unless you want to experience the consequences of the misbehaviour.
Hunter - be careful or you will become his next trophy. He will sniff you out, track you down, see through your moves. Escape his grasp before it is too late…

Cooperate with Six in the new Little Nightmares adventure. Walkthrough the story of the long awaited sequel. Make sure not to miss the Little Nightmares 2 release!

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