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Why you should buy Blade Assault:

  • You like rogue-like games,
  • You're into sci-fi,
  • You can appreciate stunning pixel art.

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Kickstarter success

Blade Assault is a rogue-like game that funded on Kickstarter. It takes us to the world of a not-so-bright future. You'll become a member of the resistance force fighting against an army controlled by the rich living in the sky city of Esperanza. You'll have to face numerous enemies on 2D levels resembling classic platformer games. Fortunately, you're not vulnerable in this fight. Transformable weapons will be your trusty ally on your quest to bring the corrupted to justice.

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Fight for your future

Blade Assault features fast-paced combat that lets you prove your skills against hordes of hostile forces. Utilizing skills and avoiding enemy attacks will be the key to emerging victorious in this uneven struggle. Luckily, you'll become more and more powerful with every upgrade found and power unlocked. 

Key features

  • Fast-paced combat,
  • A cast of charming characters,
  • Unique powers to unlock
  • 2D levels full of enemies,
  • Polished pixel-art graphics

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PC system requirements

  Minimum requirements
System Windows 7
Processor Intel i5   
Graphics card    Nvidia GTX 460/ Radeon HD 7800 
Drive Space 3 GB

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