Mortal Kombat characters who deserve a second chance

News 16/04/2021

Since its reboot, the Mortal Kombat franchise has been using almost exclusively classic characters who debuted like 1000 years ago. Only a few warriors born in the 3D era have shown up in newer installments of a dragon series. Some of them should remain buried very deep forever, but at least nine of them deserve a second chance.


Kai debuted in MK4, and he was bland and completely unnecessary. The devs had learned their lesson, and in MK Armageddon, monk warrior looked way better. So has the potential to become something more than just a poor man’s Liu Kang.


In the MK universe, there are demons, bee-like Kytians, creatures with six hands, and even a kung fu master who fights with his barfs and farts. With such a strange menagerie, the existence of vampires shouldn’t surprise anyone. But Nitara has been sleeping in her coffin since MK Armageddon. Now it’s the perfect time to wake her up, especially since Skarlet has a vital role in the story. There could be a very engaging story arc between these two bloodsucking girls.

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She looks like a generic Asian female fighter, but she’s far more than that. Ashrah is a demon from the Netherrealm. Instead of serving Quan Chi, she hunts other demons. She believes that when she slaughters enough hellspawn, she’ll be able to escape the Netherrealm. So she’s a badass and an intriguing character.


Kobra from MK Deception is one of the worst MK characters to date. He has neither a deep story nor unique moves. Also, he looks like Ken Masters from Street Fighter. You know why? Because Kobra is Ken. It was even his codename during the game development. Still, he can be saved. Kobra needs a fresh start with some good backstory. Everything would be better than putting a character into the game just because he resembles Ken.

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After the reboot, the Chaosrealm and the Orderrealm have been swept aside, but Havik certainly deserves a second chance. He’s a cleric of Chaos; hence he may bring a Joker vibe to the Mortal Kombat universe. Everyone loves antiheroes who only want to watch the world burn.

Li Mei

She has appeared in a few cut-scenes in Mortal Kombat X, so many fans believed that she would be a DLC character. They were wrong. Li Mei hasn’t appeared as a playable fighter since Mortal Kombat: Armageddon. It’s unfortunate because she’s already an established and popular character. Therefore, it seems to be a fair deal to give her a second chance instead of creating some new combatants.


His ending in Mortal Kombat 4 was very intriguing. In the video, we saw Reiko putting on Shao Kahn’s helmet. Fans thought that it was a sign that Reiko was going to become a new emperor or at least a prominent character in the future story. Nothing could be further from the truth because Reiko has never played any role in the plot since MK4. We hope this ambitious warrior will someday return.

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Although many players hate him, he has arguably one of the best stories in MK history. He’s a tragic character, who believed that he was serving the Elder Gods, but he had been deceived by the evil Onaga, who used Shujinko to regain his power. In consequence, Shujinko wasted his whole life fighting for the wrong cause.


His beginnings date back to Mortal Kombat II. We could see him as a burning character in the background of the Pit II arena. He had waited until Mortal Kombat Deadly Alliance to become playable. Even then, he was just a secret character. He returned in MK Armageddon as both – the selectable fighter and the final boss. And to be honest, he was lame again. He lacked the signature moves of the previous MK bosses. As a result, he was surprisingly easy to beat without any skills or strategy. One of the mightiest beings in the whole MK universe deserves far better than this.


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