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Lidia Sobieska has just joined the roster of Tekken 7. The new fighter is the prime minister of Poland. Putting a fictional leader of an actual country as a character in a fighting game is quite unusual. However, she’s hardly the strangest fighters that had entered the King of Iron Fist Tournament.

Lucky Chloe

Lucky Chloe is a bratty pop star that serves as the face of the G Corporation. She has become famous thanks to her dancing videos. She is weird, even by the Tekken standards.


Yoshimitsu is unique on many levels. For instance, he can perform a harakiri move which reduces his own health bar. On the other hand, Yoshimitsu can restore some of his life. Also, his appearance has been evolving through the years. Nowadays, he looks like he is a Cthulhu’s relative. Last but not least, there is another version of Yoshimitsu in the Soulcalibur series. Fans of both series have been arguing which Yoshimitsu is the right one.


Violet Systems created Combot as the ultimate fighter. Unfortunately, he turned out not to be as efficient as planned. Furthermore, he doesn’t look like a fearsome combat machine. He resembles more of a device from a car factory.

Kuma and Kuma II

If fighting a full-grown bear isn’t scary enough, you can fight a full-grown bear who knows martial arts. Kuma has appeared in every installment of the series. The original bear debuted in the first Tekken game as a Heihachi’s pet and bodyguard. When the original furry fighter died of old age, his son (Kuma II) replaced him. 


We know Street Fighter x Tekken is not a pure Tekken game, but there is Tekken in the title, so it counts. The gluttonous yellow ball is a gaming legend, but probably no one connected him with fighting games. It has changed thanks to the crossover between Street Fighter and Tekken. Pac-Man joined the cast as a playable character on PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita versions of the game. He piloted a Mokujin-style mech. Maybe it was the way to prevent him from eating opponents? We don’t want to overfill this list with noncanonical characters, although other guest fighters from SFxT are worth mentioning.

  • Mega Man – it wasn’t the Mega Man we all know and love, but a weird version known as Bad Box Art Mega Man. 
  • Toro Inoue – a white cat also known as the Sony Cat. He’s the mascot of Sony company. 
  • Kuro – a black cat and a friend of Toro.

Roger and Roger Jr.

A boxing kangaroo is an old idea and even one of the national symbols of Australia. Namco loves sending animals to the arena; therefore, it’s not surprising that there are two fighting kangaroos in the Tekken series. Roger debuted in Tekken 2, his son (Roger Jr.) replaced him in Tekken 5.


Vic Hoskins from Jurrasic World dreamed of using dinosaurs on the battlefield. Alex is his vision come true since he is a genetically modified deinonychus created for combat purposes. 


Lili’s butler could be seen in her ending cinematics in Tekken 5 and Tekken 6. Then, out of the blue, Sebastian became a playable character in Tekken Tag Tournament 2. Apparently, someone had decided that old men were a match for ninja, martial artists, and killer robots since Doctor Bosconovitch also debuted as a fighter in TTT2.


She is another member of the Ursidae family in the Tekken series. Panda is Ling Xiaoyu’s bodyguard, companion, and friend. In every other fighting game, a giant panda wearing a sling bag and a cap would be strange, but in Tekken, it’s pretty normal. 


Alex wasn’t the only dinosaur in the series. He has been followed by Gon, the main character of a manga series and the side-scrolling game for SNES. The small yellow carnosaur was an unlockable guest character in Tekken 3. Sadly, Gon won’t return in any future Tekken games due to license issues.

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