Best JRPGs of Recent Time

News 12/04/2021

It doesn’t matter which side of the JRPG debate a gamer happens to be on, the bottom line is that they’re fun. One faction believes that JRPG is simply that – a Japanese made role playing game. The other camp is just as adamant that JRPG is a type of game design. For the edification of both groups, here are just some of the best JRPGs of recent times.

Atelier Ayesha

Ayesha has three years to discover the secret behind her sister’s disappearance. Gamers travel through a declining world with lost libraries and ruins. Even if players uncover the sister, there are multiple endings depending on the tasks that are undertaken, along with a cast of charming characters waiting to be discovered.

Ever Oasis

Players are tasked with building an oasis in a desert containing chaotic plants and roaming beasts. To accomplish that goal, team up with Esna the water spirit and the people that will set up shop at the oasis. Interact with townspeople and explore dungeon puzzles in a land that relies heavily on the mythology of Egypt.

NieR: Automata

The title provides players with an emotional journey as they travel with a super intelligent robot that’s mastered the art of being human. The plot and the story are well-written and will make gamers think about what could very possibly be the future for humans in the distant future – and what exactly does it mean to be human.

Trails of Cold Steel

The game is all about class warfare. The battle is between the aristocratic houses that want to remain in power and the Reformists that want to centralize the power under the Prime Minister. Gamers gather classmates from both groups at the academy to travel the world. It features a ridiculous plot twist, that doesn’t detract from the action.

Xenoblade Chronicles

There’s a lot to like in the title. It has elements of sim dating, giant robots, brilliant British screams, and great music. Players will roam the world encountering a wide variety of diversions and performing an extensive number of side quests. There are monsters to hunt, items to collect, landmarks to be discovered, and a wonderful range of environments to explore.

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