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Open design and a sense of accomplishment are two of the primary reasons that the simulation genre is so popular and addictive. They combine game play with the psychology of patterns and rewards that directly appeals to the pleasure centers of the brain.

Sim games are designed to emulate real world activities, even if there’s an element of fantasy involved at times. Some are better than others and they can take many forms, such as racing, farming, or community building. With that in mind, the following have been deemed the best simulation games available – in no particular order.

Animal Crossing: New Horizon

Players develop and customize an island to their own specifications, people it with characters of their choice, and perform tasks such as catching snowflakes, fish or insects. Gamers can even terraform the island and those with an Internet connection can journey to friends’ island to trade and purchase a wide variety of items.

Farming Simulator 20

Many simulators feature cute characters. This sim game is highlighted by equipment, crops, farm animals, and rideable livestock that are visually “real.” It features accurate representations of over 100 leading machinery and equipment brands. Gamers ply their trade in a North American environment.

Fallout Shelter

Gamers are in charge of a fallout shelter deep beneath the ground. They must manage resources, keep citizens content, meet basic needs, and build specialized rooms. Gamers can also pair couples off to begin populating the shelter.

Graveyard Keeper

For those that like the quiet of a cemetery, the game will keep players busy digging graves, clearing land, and placing headstones in a medieval cemetery. Gamers craft items, interact with residents, and gather resources. One of the most fun aspects is that a free DLC adds the ability to raise the dead and give them tasks to complete. A different add-on lets players build and operate a tavern.

Planet Zoo

The game gives animal lovers the opportunity to build their zoo, stock it with different species, and ensure the welfare of each inhabitant. Players can complete challenges, enjoy building an unlimited number of structures, and develop their own zoo franchise.

Two Point Hospital

Build and furnish a hospital, then diagnose and cure patients that arrive with a bizarre range of illnesses and maladies. Gamers will need to undertake staff training and engage in upgrading equipment to be the most effective hospital possible.

Yonder: The Cloud Catcher Chronicles

Gamers play in an open world where they collect magical items, fish, farm, and craft a variety of items on their island. Players have the option of creating their own character. Be aware, there’s an evil murk shrouding the land.

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