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Is FIFA 22 worth buying? Let’s analyze its new features

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Every year new FIFA game is among the most anticipated releases. However, thousands of players wonder whether they should buy the new installment if they already have one of the previous ones. Let’s see what FIFA 22 brings to the table.

According to initial reviews, eFootball 22, a free-to-play PES successor, is a mess right now. Hopefully, Konami will fix it, but for now, FIFA 22 is the only logical choice for players looking for a football video game. Nevertheless, is it worth buying if you’ve got FIFA 21? Let’s see the most important new features implemented in the current installment of the iconic franchise.

FIFA 22 gameplay

The game provides some interesting gameplay changes. For example, FIFA 22 presents completely rewritten goalkeepers. It means that goalies play more intelligently now. Also, attackers have some new tricks up their sleeves. There’s a new mechanic called explosive sprints and new attacking tactics that give more control over your team. Furthermore, EA Sports changed the ball physics to make FIFA more realistic. 

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FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT)

In the FIFA most popular game mode, you’ll find a new card type called FUT Heroes. Similar to FIFA Icons, Heroes cards allow you to acquire some of the past pitch legends. There are Jerzy Dudek, Freddie Ljungberg, or Fernando Morientes, to mention only a few. However, there are some significant differences between Icon and FUT cards. First of all, this new type of card has a rating of 85-89, which is lower than Icon players. It’s also harder to get a perfect link between a member of your squad and a FUT Hero. Nonetheless, FUT Heroes are still significantly better than regular footballers, so they can be a valuable asset to your Ultimate Team.

Another new feature in FUT is a better seasonal progression. In FIFA 22, your skill and level are reflected much better, and progression conditions are more transparent. Of course, the key to promotion to a higher tier is winning matches. Fortunately, thanks to checkpoints, you won’t lose all your progress even if you’re suffering a losing streak. What’s more, there’s a new tier called Elite Division. It’s the FUT top level for the best teams from all around the world.

Career Mode

You’ll find some significant improvements in both player and manager careers. First of all, FIFA 22 allows you to create a new club. You’ll choose its name, nickname, kit, crest, and the league you want your team to join. There’s also a stadium customization option that lets you make your arena unique.

When it comes to the Player Career mode, the most vital improvement is that you can come on a pitch from the bench. In previous FIFA installments, your star had to be in the starting 11 to participate in a match. Surprisingly, it has taken EA Sports a long time to figure out that it’s very far from realism. In FIFA 22, you can finally join the action in the closing minutes to become a hero! 

Moreover, after every game, you’ll see a cinematic reflecting your team and player performance. Your face can even be portrayed in a tifo if you become your club’s top player.

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Volta Football in FIFA 22

Volta is a game mode for players seeking something unorthodox. In FIFA 22 it offers eight party games, including new ones:

  • Disco Lava 
  • Foot Tennis

The mode presents the new Skill Meter system rewarding you for fancy plays and easy-to-use Signature Abilities. Another new feature is two-player celebrations that are triggered simply by running toward your teammate.

Unlicensed teams

Of course, FIFA 22 offers up-to-date squads and hundreds of officially licensed teams. Unfortunately, not every club is portrayed accurately. First and foremost, Seria A clubs Juventus, AS Roma, Atalanta, and Lazio are replaced with Piemonte Calcio, Roma FC, Bergamo Calcio, and Latium, respectively. These four Italian clubs have an exclusive agreement with Konami, so in FIFA 22, they come with made-up kits and crests but authentic players.

EA Sports doesn’t have the right to use the names of some players from Brazil. Consequently, the Brasilian national team and clubs have accurate crests and kits, but players are generic. Luckily, Brazilian players playing outside their country are portrayed correctly, so you’ll see Neymar Jr, Alisson, Roberto Firmino, and other Canarinhos stars in FIFA 22.


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